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I heard the door open

"Sorry to bother" his voice spoke, making me hit her lightly

"Have you seen Kayden Gomez?"

"No I haven't, check the art hall" she spoke.

"Thank you so much" He spoke politely, shutting the door as my teacher laughed lightly

"He was a cutie, you probably would've thanked me if I would've snitched you out."

No thanks.

The entire day I spent running and avoiding Luke, along with any other doctor.

If Luke was looking for me- I had to assume they all were.

So basically- I ditched all my classes, going to the classes I missed, making my day more than difficult, but worth it.

I was currently seated behind my Chemistry teachers desk, Lane seated on top of the desk, us listening to the rain.

"So how do you plan on getting home?" He laughed, making me text mom.

Mind picking me up, it's raining

Can't love, Derek and I are out running errands, text Luke xx

I rolled my eyes, looking to him.

"I guess you and I are running through the rain."

At least I wasn't the only kid with parents who didn't give a fuck about them.

At the end of the day we waited fifteen minutes before going outside.

I held his football jacket over both of us as he pace walked, holding me tightly.

He laughed as he ran into my garage, us both drenched in water.

"Come in until it stops raining."

I showered, throwing on sweatpants and a t-shirt before letting him shower, himself changing into extra clothes he had from football.

I texted Luke back, just to not be completely suspicious
Just woke up from a nap, I have no idea what you're talking about but I hope you had a good day xx

Lane came out, his hair dripping as he threw his shirt on, standing in front of me.

"Derek's going to kill me if he sees me here" he spoke, making me look out the window.

Not exactly true- he'd kill me.

"No, he won't" I assured him, seeing that it was still raining.

He believed me, giving me a nod before sitting beside me.

"I'm excited to see your mom again, I haven't seen her since the fu-" he cut himself off.

"The funeral" I finished, looking to him.

"You can say it, I'm okay" I smiled lightly.

He smiled back, tilting his head.

"It's almost been a year" I spoke

"When-" "two weeks from today"

He nodded firmly.

He grabbed my chin, making me look to him.

We were inches from each other.

And he touched his lips to mine.

I didn't pull away, I didn't even question it.

His lips worked on mine- something I probably should've stopped, but something told me to let it happen.

Getting carried away- he was soon in between my legs, holding my hurt knee gently before moving to my neck.

I closed my eyes as the familiar feeling- a feeling he had gave me before.

He pulled away after a moment- pecking my lips.

I held his shirt, looking to his eyes

And just as I felt a smile- my door opened

"Kayden Elizabeth Gomez"

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