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The thoughts and memories of my dad completely captivated my mind until the ball coming towards me took over.

I managed to get it, kicking it away from the other team, running with it to our goal, and I soon jumped to one foot, kicking it straight into the net before stepping with my right foot, straight into a fucking rabbit hole.

I immediately felt pain in my knee as my body hit the ground, making me grit my teeth.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" I almost screamed, barely able to hold myself up to look at my knee.

"Shit, Gomez, how did you not see that?" Our coach spoke as he crouched next to me.

His hands hit my leg- making me almost immediately move to push him away.

"That's dislocated- we need to call an ambulance." I immediately let out a loud whine, leaning onto Catherine, who held my body into hers as I held my tears.

Coach never left me, holding my hand as his eyes stayed on my knee.

He spoke on the phone as silent tears ran down my cheeks- nothing but pain going up my entire leg.

Soon the paramedics were here- taking the spot of my teammates, who were told to call their parents and go home.

"You did it good" one paramedic spoke, glancing from my knee to my eyes.

"We're going to splint it here so it doesn't go anymore out or back in, because our orthopedic doctor will need to make sure if doesn't need surgery" he spoke, making my tears only flow more and more.

Splinting it made it only hurt thirty times more, and I was soon completely sobbing into one of their shoulders.

With assistance in watching my knee- coach carried me to the ambulance where I was put on a gurney.

"Only family can ride with" one spoke as he sat beside me.

"You want me to let her ride with two men in an ambulance alone?" He shot at them.

"It's code, we can't move until you're gone"

He went to argue- but my pain was much more intense than before- and I wanted to go home as soon as I could.

"Josh- just fucking follow us please" I cried out, using his first name to make him know- this wasn't his choice.

"I'll call your parents while I'm driving" he spoke, jumping out of the ambulance.

As we started moving, nerves bundled my stomach, pain bundled my knee- two horrible combinations.

The paramedic placed ice packs into my knee.

"What hospital are we going to?" I asked, looking to him.

"St.Peters Hospital"

The same fucking hospital I went to with my dad.

As we came to a sudden stop- I held the railing on the gurney, seeing the doors immediately open.

"Female soccer accident, dislocated knee- possible surgery, it's not good- at all" the paramedic spoke to a doctor as the ran into the freezing cold building.

"That's all the work up you have?" The doctor spoke as we went into a room, quickly and carefully helping me onto a firmer and colder bed.

"That's all we got" he confirmed.

"Okay- out"

I squeezed the bed railing as the doctor and a nurse got the splint off.

His eyes scanned my knee.

"Okay, let's order a mobile x-ray, I don't want her moving a single muscle. I'll assist in hooking her up to monitors and IV, let's page Dr.Hood to come observe levels cause she's a little paler than I want" He spoke, making me look to him.

"Hi sweetheart" he spoke, letting a smile come through- something I couldn't return.

"I'm Dr.Clifford- I'll be your doctor today, I'm going to make sure we completely fix this knee, okay?" He spoke, pushing some of my baby hairs behind my ear.

I gave a nod.

"Okay, talk to me, what's your full name?"

"Kayden Gomez" I spoke as himself and a nurse hooked electrodes to my stomach and chest, also one on my finger.

"Look up her chart please" He spoke simply.
A nurse scurried away to do that as he grabbed a needle, another doctor coming in making me look away.

"What we got?" He spoke, his eyes looking to me.

"Soccer knee injury- she's pale as hell, I'm not happy with these vitals" Clifford spoke.

The other doctors eyes focused to a screen above me as I felt a sharp sting on my arm, making me quickly look, seeing him putting an IV in.

"Keep looking in that other direction" Clifford spoke as I felt him tape it down, hooking tubing up to it.

"Get a relaxer into her system" the other doctor spoke, squatting to make our eye level even.

"I'm Dr.Hood, you can call me Calum, are you feeling okay, are you dizzy or nauseated?" He asked, touching my cheeks.

"Not really" I spoke as Clifford touched my knee gently, making me squeeze the bed rails more.

"Okay sweetheart, this is our X-ray tech, we're going to leave you with him for a few seconds, we'll be right back"

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