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It was later that evening, I had filled the boys in on everything of the day, which they weren't exactly happy with- but once they saw how vibrant and unbothered she now was- they didn't mind.

"So princess" Calum spoke as we all sat at the bar, planning to talk before bed.

"Anything you need or want to say?" He finished slowly

She seemed to be contemplating in her head.

"Just- thank you, all of you for taking me in" she spoke quietly, looking mainly to me.

"I dont think I'd have anything if I didn't have you guys"

This made us make a group hug.

I kissed her head gently as everyone pulled away.

"So you're okay to go to bed?" Ashton asked.

She gave a solid nod.

"Want to sleep with me tonight?" I asked her.

"Can I?" She spoke quietly.

"Of course, lets get your medicine and go" I mumbled.

"What's this for?" She asked as I dropped the pill into her hand, giving her a bottle of water.

"To get everything off of your mind, it's a form of a relaxer" I spoke, watching her take it slowly.

"Good?" I asked after a moment, earning a solid nod.

After telling the guys goodnight, her and I went to my room, I let her get comfortable before I turned off the light, joining beside her, pulling her close to me.

She relaxed into my hold, her forehead resting into my neck.

"What if I see it again tonight?" She asked quietly, her voice sounding thicker, telling me she was tired.

"Just wake me up baby, as soon as you see anything or feel anything- even if you hear a sound, wake me up. Just remember, I'm never going to let anyone get you, you're safer then you've ever been" I spoke, kissing her head.

"I love you" she mumbled.

"I love you too, pretty girl."

I held her tight into my chest, making sure she fell asleep before I let myself drift away.

I woke up to a muffled scream- feeling her fighting my grip.

"Kayden- kayden" I spoke quickly, moving quick to flick the lamp on- feeling her still almost sobbing as she tried to break free of my grip, her eyes closed tightly.

I sat up, pulling her almost into my body to where she couldn't hurt herself.

"Kayden- open your eyes baby" I spoke slowly.

She gasped for air as she cried- but I could tell from how stiff her body was that she was experiencing sleep paralysis.

"Okay, okay- relax" I whispered, squeezing her hand into a fist and out.

"Just focus moving your fingers and toes- I got you, no one else is here" I spoke as she sobbed out.

Just as she broke through- collapsing fully into my arms,
Calum and Ash ran in- flicking the light on quickly.

"Sleep paralysis" I mumbled, watching them stare to us, her crying body shaking in my hold.

Michael soon joined the four of us- all of them joining her and I in sitting in bed.

"He got so close to me- he was trying to touch me and I couldn't even look away" she sobbed into my neck.

"It was just your dream, baby" Calum whispered out, stroking her hair gently.

"But it feels so real"

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