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I slowly put my hand to my chest at the suddenly tightness, trying to not make it noticeable.

I glanced to my mom- seeing her wiping her eyes, looking to me.

I couldn't let her see me breakdown.

I couldn't speak either- my chest was so tight I could've fell on the floor gasping and it wouldn't have bothered me that everyone was watching

But Derek was watching- and I certainly wasn't letting him see that.

So I walked straight away from them- making all of their talking stop.


"We have too good of a chance, everything is going to be perfect-" Kayden suddenly walked away at a quick pace- making us all go silent.

We all glanced to each other before immediately running behind her- trying to see what the hell was wrong.

As soon as we were out of the court room, I caught her wrist- seeing her gasp for air, which told me exactly what was happening.

I scanned the area for a private area- seeing a family bathroom and I rushed her into it, locking the door behind the two of us.

"Okays take deep breaths." I spoke, throwing my jacket on the floor, making her sit on it, not wanting her to directly touch the bathroom floor.

"I- I-" "I know it's hard, don't try to talk." I spoke quickly, pulling her hands away from her chest, putting them onto my own where I took deep breaths, keeping eye contact with her.

I was immensely relieved when I noticed her breathing pattern regulating.

Her eyes closed, her head hitting the wall, I wiped away the mascara that had ran down her cheek.

"Does your chest still hurt?" I asked calmly

I watched her take a deep breath.

"It's just a little tight" She spoke- her body completely worn out.

I pulled her into a tight hug, her body going limp against mine.

"We have maybe fifteen minutes and then we can go home baby, you've just gotta keep your body relaxed." I spoke, kissing her head.

"I'm sweating" she spoke- fanning her flushed cheeks.

"You were probably close to passing out" I spoke, pushing her hair behind her ears

"It's a lot to take in" she explained slowly, which is something she didn't have to do, because I understood.

"Fifteen minutes and it's completely over- okay baby?" I spoke, holding her face gently.

"Okay" she almost whispered back

I helped her up, picking up my jacket before holding it in my hand, letting her cup my arm with her hand.

We walked out as if nothing happened- making the three guys send us questioning looks.

"Anxiety problems"

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