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Three days later.

"I don't need to be here" she spoke, refusing to look to me, staring out the window at the familiar building that she had multiple mental breakdowns in.

"You need to talk everything out with someone again-" "I can talk it out with you." She spoke to me quickly.

"You know this is bigger than what I can handle, Ray" I exhaled, seeing her eyes look to me at the use of her nickname

"I don't want to talk to him" she spoke quietly.

"Why?" I asked slowly.

"He's a dick Luke-" "he's trying to make you understand." I spoke slowly

"You're supposed to side with me." She grumbled.

I ended up coaxing her out and we signed in at the office before waiting.

Her knee shook at a fast pace and I watched her breathe deeply.


I focused on breathing, making sure I didn't force myself into a panic attack.

Luke's arm went over my shoulders, pulling me closer to him.

I leaned my head into his shoulder.

This building didn't bring up good thoughts

It brought up the picture of my dad laying on the ground with a gun in his hand as blood poured out of his head.

The one picture I always pushed to the back of my mind.

"Kayden" a nurse spoke with a smile.

Luke thankfully came with me and I followed her to his office- the one man I dreaded seeing

The heartless bitch I hated since day one

"Dr.Hemmings" he spoke immediately, ignoring me and shaking Luke's hand.

"Dr.Andrew, it's nice to see you again" Luke spoke as he shook his hand.

"And Kayden" he smiled as his gaze moved to me.

"Welcome back, let's sit"

Luke and I sat beside each other on the couch, Andrew sat in a rocking chair beside the couch.

"So, tell me what's up"

Luke and I were both silent.

I looked to him, seeing him looking at me.

"You're the one who sees a problem" I mumbled out.

Luke exhaled, pulling my hand to his own, where he held my one hand into both of his.

"So Kayden was experiencing some abuse by her step dad, and some questions came up when her and I were talking and it's the same questions we struggled with before" Luke spoke slowly

"Which is?" He raises his eyebrows.

They both looked to me

"It's not a question" I spoke firmly

"I know that someone murdered my dad" I spoke.

Andrew immediately exhaled.

"Kayden- you saw no one but your dad, you ran downstairs as soon as you heard the shot- he would've had no time to set that up-" "then where did he get the gun?" I shot to him.

"He bought it, Kayden"

"I wanna see the records, the receipt." I spoke.

"Kayden- you know what happened that day."

"I'm the only one who knows what happened that day." I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

"But yet everyone seems to be pushing what I'm saying away-" "it's not that we're pushing it away." He spoke.

"You had just woken up, you were sick with the flu and on a decongestant, you always viewed your dad as happy and positive, isn't this all correct?" He spoke, looking to my file in his hands.

"Yeah" I exhaled

"You viewed him so positively you swear that he would never do something so negative to himself, correct?" I didn't speak- I couldn't.

"Therefore your brain made up a scenario and has convinced you that a situation that never happened is happening." He spoke, and I could feel him staring to me although I wasn't looking.

"Your dad killed himself Kayden- you saw him, you tried to save him."

"There is absolutely nothing else to that story."

"There were no other fingerprints, no DNA stands, you didn't even hear the door open and shut Kayden" he spoke.

"You need to accept this or you're going to go mad over it."

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