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I woke up feeling my heartbeat in my head.

I didn't open my eyes, but I was sweating
I moved a little, feeling that I was sitting- rope holding me to what felt like a wooden chair.

I slowly opened my eyes- looking around the empty room- noticing I was in a house.

The door was shut, the blinds on the windows were closed.

"Shit" I exhaled, hearing the smallest noise, making me gasp.

I then heard another groan.

I recognized this groan

"Lane?" I whispered, trying to turn around, failing due to the ropes

"The fuck" the groaned out, and I felt the back of his head gently touch my own, telling me we were tied together.

"Lane" I exhaled

"How the fuck did we get here?" His groggy voice spoke.

"We were kidnapped" I spoke, looking around the room for anything- anything at all.

"By who?" He questioned quietly.

Before I could respond, the door clicked open.

A man entered, dragging a chair directly in front of me

He sat in the chair, our knees hitting.

"Hello Kayden" he smiled.

I didn't speak.

He smiled wider

"I'm sure you're wondering who I am"

"I don't give a fuck" I mumbled

His smile dropped and I immediately received a firm slap across my cheek.

"Don't fucking touch her!" Lane yelled.

"Settle the fuck down" the man yelled to him, the room silenced as a tear slipped down my cheek.

"Let's restart, shall we?" He cleared his throat.

"My name is Malcolm, I do business for your stepfather, Derek- kidnapping you was a recent deal I agreed to." He explained slowly.

"Why Lane, then?" I questioned.

"Lane was in the way- so he had to come too"

More tears streamed down my face.

"No tears, this should be a happy moment" he laughed, wiping my tears, which made me jerk my head away from him.

"You'll be reuniting with mommy and daddy soon" he spoke.

I shot my head to him

"They're in jail" I cried out

He laughed, holding my chin to make me maintain eye contact

"Not for much longer" he smiled

"And mommy is going to come in here and get you all ready for Derek" he spoke, pulling a pocket knife out, opening it and staring to the blade, making me nervous.

"And then Derek is going to come in here and make you watch him kill your little friend" he spoke, dragging the blade of the knife across my thighs as I sobbed out begs.

"And then, he's going to kill you" he smiled, gently caressing my cheek with the blade

"But he's going to kill you slowly- he's going to make sure he hears your begs, your cries and your apologies" he spoke as I cried.

"So, shall we get started?"


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