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We stood outside the courthouse with a lawyer as I fought the feeling of anxiety coming up my body.

I didn't tell the guys- I needed to do this, I needed to be strong.

After discussing with the lawyer for a few minutes the guys looked to me, making me give them a smile.

"She's not speaking." Luke declared at the end.

"No- not a word" he declared back.

So we went into the building.

I held Luke's arm to me, that being my only comfort.

We sat on the front row of the crowd, waiting patiently.

We were all told to stand as the judge walked in- and she kept us standing for my parents.

As soon as I saw them I swore my breath was knocked out of my chest.

I squeezed Luke's arm, making him position his body to where he was more in front of me.

Derek and I made eye contact- he held him, and I broke- looking away.

They were sworn in and the judge dismissed us to sit.

I sat close between Ashton and Luke, all five of us staring at the judge as she spoke the court case number along with the reasoning- which was abuse.

"There is no defendant- Kayden has been involved with a lawyer simply for the protection of herself and newly found guardians." The lawyer spoke, her eyes coming into contact with my own.

"Therefore- there is no argument, you will be facing jail time- it's simply deciding how long." She tapped her nails against her desk, flipping a few papers.

Talking went back and forth between their lawyers, my parents, the judge and jury.

"Let me ask you a question." The judge spoke after a deep argument.

"How long do you two think you should serve?"

My mom and Derek looked to each other.

"I think- we would learn our lesson from a month." My mom spoke- making the judge stare at her for a moment before letting out a laugh.
She shook her head

"Well Mrs.Gomez- I just want to inform you that for the sake of your beautiful daughter- I will be fighting my hardest to get you the most time that I can, I wish I could give you life." She declared, making me exhale lightly.

"With that- we will dismiss court for forty minutes for the jury to make a decision- court adjourned." she spoke, hitting her gavel firmly against her desk.

The guys and I stood- us making a firm circle where the guys spoke.

I found myself ignoring the conversation- looking to my mom.

She was crying- almost sobbing into Derek, who just held her, staring forward.

I felt my eyes water at the sight

I had two people with me after my dad died and that was Luke and my mom.

My mom went through depression, suicidal thoughts- God knows what else

And now she was facing prison because she let a man convince her that what he was doing was a good thing.

She was just weak minded and looking for love.

Looking for someone to replace my dad

And that's when the anxiety hit

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