5S0S Smuts  by howaboutnohood
5S0S Smuts by howaboutnohood
Just 5sos smuts from tumblr | if you wanna post any of them in here please tell me kisses All rights reserved to the creators
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5SOS Book by mechanical_wifey
5SOS Bookby Anna
Preferences, Visuals and Imagines for 5 Seconds of Summer. Requests are accepted. Leave a comment with your request, or message me with the details.
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Luke Hemmings Imagines by loveehemmings
Luke Hemmings Imaginesby L
this is a book of your relationship with luke hemmings. it's a bunch of imagines, but they go together. not gonna lie it's incredibly cute and will make your heart explo...
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focus by deluxemendes_
focusby Abi:)
"You need to focus on your body- what you're letting happen isn't good" "I know, mom."
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Kink // Luke Hemmings by fan_ficts
Kink // Luke Hemmingsby basic bitch
"You have a what?" "A kink." "What the fuck is a kink?" "Oh, baby...you're so innocent..." *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*...
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growing pains by deluxemendes_
growing painsby Abi:)
"That's my beautiful princess" "Dad- stop"
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innocence lost | l.h. by lukes_valentine
innocence lost | l.h.by liberty⚡️🕊💓
❝ you're just this innocent little thing, how is it possible for me to want to cuddle you and shower you with my love and affection so badly while still longing to fuck...
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senseless | l.h by boxerluke
senseless | l.hby for the love of liz
"Oh, baby, senseless is a relative term." ⋆ in which a girl who ironically hates change, meets a boy who ironically endures pain to deal with a...
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5sos BSM & DDM by Malumspuppie
5sos BSM & DDMby Malumspuppie
Bsm = Brother sister moments Ddm = Daddy daughter moments So this is just with 5sos I hope you like it
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"I'm Fine" (Adopted by 5SOS) by Xxmusic247xX
"I'm Fine" (Adopted by 5SOS)by Horizon
The girl who seemed unbreakable, broke. The girl who always laughed, cried. The girl that never stopped trying, finally gave up. She dropped her fake smile as a tear rol...
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im in love with my best friend || l.h by liquorss
im in love with my best friend ||...by ash.
Everyone knew that they loved each other, except them. (Completed) NOT EDITED
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Michael Clifford Shorts by calums-nasa-tshirt
Michael Clifford Shortsby Soon to Be Senior
Short imagines about our favorite guitarist! *requests open for my followers and longterm readers only* [32 parts long - follow me to read all of them]
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5SOS Fight Imagines by prettyindean
5SOS Fight Imaginesby *°• Asia •°*
all in the title!
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Lesbian by CaramelAshton
Lesbianby jas
Lesbian. It's a 5sos fanfic. SMUT?
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|5SOS imagines| by whatsurbbmpinafi
|5SOS imagines|by jess 💓
a book of imagines! some are in first person, some use 'you' if you want to request something, please do! -whatsurbbmpinafi
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i blame you. ~ ashton irwin | editing | by hellapunkafi
i blame you. ~ ashton irwin | edit...by f r a n
"Why Ashton?" "Why what?" "Why did he do it?" "Lily I can't-" "No Ashton! Fuck all this I can't tell you because it's bullsh...
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fingers crossed | l.h by boxerluke
fingers crossed | l.hby for the love of liz
"It's bad isn't it? My best friend's girlfriend wrote a sex song about me, and I like it. I really like it." ...
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Painting Flowers // Ashton Irwin [au] by rdysasi
Painting Flowers // Ashton Irwin [...by Rebecca
[Sequel to Paint You Wings] Sometimes the only way to set yourself free is by facing the one who held you down.
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5sos ageplay by Ghostofmgcx
5sos ageplayby Michael Clifford
Just a bunch of 5sos age play one shots requests are open :)
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empty by deluxemendes_
emptyby Abi:)
"so- he's pretty much just- empty?" "I'm afraid so, sweetheart"
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