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"You okay?" I asked her slowly once Calum brought him out.

"Yeah" she spoke quietly, finally looking to me,

"I think he's just still scared and angry over it, he's gotta have someone to take his anger out on." She spoke quietly, making me sit beside her in bed.

"It doesn't have to be you though, he shouldn't be holding that much anger in from any situation-" "if he wouldn't have came up to me, he would've never been taken either. He was starved and thirst deprived with me for no reason other than being in the way." She spoke quietly.

"Kayden, that isn't your fault." I told her firmly.

"It's my fucked up family." She mumbled.

"That's not your family." I told her firmly, holding both of her hands into mine.

"Family is a place you call home, a place where there's no judgement or cruelty. A place of love and kindness where you can be yourself, you haven't had that kind of family in a long time." I spoke to her.

"Not since I stopped seeing you." I watched a tear roll down her cheek, breaking my heart into pieces.

"I should've never let that happen, I'm sorry that I didn't call to check in on you-" "you had done your job, I was supposed to be the one to reach out." She exhaled, making me wipe her tears slowly.

"I'm going to say this one more time" I managed to laugh out to her as I laid beside her.

"You were not a job- you started off as a patient, a blood covered teenager with horrible vitals and in shock." I started to her.

"Then I got your vitals down and I spent the night at your bedside because I knew you'd have nightmares, and you had them, you woke up screaming and crying, but I immediately grabbed you and assured you that it was a dream and I laid you back down, turned on a movie and distracted you." I continued.

"A day later you were able to be discharged, but your mom asked me to hold you here until she could figure out living arrangements, so I made up that you were having asthma problems and I kept you here for three more days with me." I continued.

"Then your mom got the house you were living in, but she wasn't mentally stable enough to give you the support you needed during that time, so I did it. I took you to therapy, I made you spend the night with me, I held you and wiped your tears, I checked on you every hour- every single night, I loved you when everyone else was hurting too much to do it." I felt myself getting emotional as I spoke.

"You were never my job, you became my life, and you still are to this very day, and that's what family is." I put my head against the side of her.

"We are family" I mumbled to her

"Me, you, Cal, Ash and Mike"

                                   The end.

Thank you for the opportunity to make yet another story. I hope you enjoyed.❤️

For those of you who may be struggling through situations similar to Kayden such as mental or physical abuse, don't be scared to tell someone.

Behind every closed door is someone who loves you, you just have to open it.

Be brave and know that I love and support you.

National Domestic Violence Hotline:


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