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I sobbed out, finding that tears weren't even rolling down my face, it was just dry sobs.

I couldn't produce any water.

I stopped my cries when I heard yelling downstairs.

I couldn't identify any of the noises

I heard footsteps nearby, and I immediately let the dry crying start again


It had to have been him.

The door busted open- making me scream along with making Lane'a head pop up.

Men with guns, in all black suits.

"The two victims are found, medically assistance needed."

A lady followed a few of them in, immediately coming to me.

"Kayden, sweet girl" she spoke quietly, snapping to one of the guys, who carefully held my body as she cut the rope, letting my body basically drop into his hold, making pain trigger through my entire body.

"Everything hurts" I wasn't even crying.

I couldn't cry.

"Get her to a paramedic"

The male ran me downstairs as I basically laid dead in his arms, as he ran out of the door, I saw my dad holding the door open for him.

I let my hand fall out towards him as he watched the man take me from him.

We went into the ambulance, where I felt the feeling of a bed.

People talked, people touched me, people asked me questions

But I stared to my dad.

He watched the people around me as if making sure they were doing everything right.

"Luke" I mumbled, finally taking my gaze away from my dad

"We're going to him now, sweetheart" a paramedic spoke as the ambulance door slammed shut.

"Am I going to die?" I questioned.

"No Kayden, just don't fall asleep"

As everything went still, I took a look at myself

They had an IV in my arm, bandages over my wrists.
Monitors hooked to every inch of my body, I had no idea where my shirt had went.

I looked to a lady who was beside me, seeing her focus to me.

"I saw my dad" I whispered to her, not knowing whether this was a good or bad thing.

"Really? I'm sure he'll meet us at the hospital-" "no" I whispered, making her eyebrows move together.

"My dad's been dead for years"

She held my hand at that response.

She held my hand tightly.

I was soon wheeled into the hospital at a quick pace.

I saw familiar nurses and doctors, all of who touched and spoke to me.

"Luke" was all I managed to say.

Soon Calum ran in, nothing but seriousness sketched over his face.

"Cal" I spoke, feeling his hands gently grab both of mine.

"Hi princess" Calum managed to smile, which I was happy about.

As he worked, I laid in silence.

I went through x-rays, nerve tests on my hands to make sure they still responded correctly, and tons of IV medicines

Soon Michael joined us, checking my wrists and shoulders.

"She's okay, I think she'll walk away with bruises and wrist stitches" Calum spoke.

"I want Luke" I mumbled out.

"Please go get Doctor Hemmings, he can come in now"

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