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Like said- he stuck to his commitment.

My wrist were tied together everywhere.

When I slept, when they ate, when I went to the bathroom or just sat silently in my room,

It was like the ultimate punishment.

But today was the last day.

I sat on the stairs, seeing Derek come in from work.

His eyes glanced over me before to my wrists.

He came to me, his cold hands taking my own.

"He untied the rope, pushing it into his pocket before looking at the bright red rope burn.

"Wear jackets to school tomorrow, cover that neck with something too" he spat, walking away.

I went to my room, falling into my bed before I heard footsteps.

I felt a weight hit me, making me look, seeing my phone laid on the bed.

I didn't say anything before grabbing it, unlocking it and going to my text messages.

The groupchat discussed school subjects, which I ignored before going to Luke's

I'll turn in an excuse that excuses you for all three days, take as much time as you need.

I want to talk to you when you go back, so tell me what day you're going back, we need to give you your assessment anyway

You know, since you hid form the first one

I rolled my eyes, wondering how he saw me in that room the entire time.

How did you even see me?

He responded in a split second.

Can't hide that bright blue anklet I bought you, see you tomorrow sunshine xx

I looked to the anklet that I had been wearing for almost a year now, smiling at the memory of how we got it.

I fell back into the bed, setting my alarms before going to Netflix and watching Friends

With that, I slipped into a happy darkness.

I woke up to the sound of an annoying ass alarm.

I whined, clicking it off quickly.

I laid in bed for a few minutes before getting up.

I did my normal routine.

I slipped on my shirt, tucking in my shirt and buttoning it.

I slipped on the navy socks and sperrys before quickly flat ironing my hair. I then coated my neck and wrists in make up.

I made it look as natural as possible before being happy with my results.

I put on the biggest soccer hoodie I could find that was allowed at school before making sure my brace was tightened and I woddled to the kitchen.

I grabbed a water, seeing my mom and Derek drinking coffee, on their phones.

"Look at me" Derek spat, making me turn towards him, seeing his eyes scan my neck.

He gave me a nod, telling me to go.

I grabbed my bag, making my way out the door.

I walked to the stop sign, seeing Lane, who smiled.

"You got tripped on by the parents?" He asked.

"No, just a lecture" I lied.

Soon we were all here and walking to school.

Halfway there, Lane offered the piggy back, which I accepted.

As we walked past a coffee shop- I saw a familiar body leaning against a much too familiar car.
His head looked up as he heard our group talking.

He put his phone in his pocket, telling me he was all business.

"Can you put me down, I have to talk to Luke" I spoke, making Lane immediately do so.

"Want us to wait on you?" Kara asked.

I felt the nerves kick in.

"No, I'll catch up with you guys"

I let them walk away before I walked to Luke, adjusting the bag on my back.

"Ready to go?"

"Where to?" I laughed lightly, seeing his head tilt as he smiled.

"Your school is informed that you're with us, you're being marked as school business- we're taking a trip to the hospital" he spoke, opening the passenger door.

"If mom finds out-" "I already got her approval"

Was she on drugs?

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