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Monday morning I woke up for school.

I slipped into my uniform, which was a dreadful khaki skirt with a white and navy button up shirt.

I slipped on my navy socks and required Sperrys before braiding my hair, putting on a little make up and running downstairs.

I went into the kitchen, making sure I had my soccer bag packed for practice before setting it by my backpack.

"Morning baby" my mom spoke as she went into the kitchen.

"Morning" I spoke back, grabbing a bottle of water.

"You have practice tonight?" She asked, touching one of my braids gently.

"Yea, until five" I spoke, hearing Derek enter

"That's yes ma'am" he quickly corrected me, pissing me off in an instant.

I simply didn't respond- not wanting to risk the results of an attitude minutes before I had to leave for school.

I felt him grab my elbow, pulling me to face him, where both hands went around my throat, applying a firm amount of pressure.

"You respond when we address a situation, I thought we've went over this" he spoke, almost squeezing tighter, making me grab his hands.

"Derek she has school" my mom spoke quietly as I felt tears pricking my eyes at the anxiety of him slowly adding more and more pressure.

"You'll fucking learn, I shouldn't have to repeat myself- ever" he spat out, squeeze one final time before shoving me away from him, making me immediately let out a cough.

"Get out of my house"

I wiped the tears quickly, almost jogging out of the house, making sure I had everything I needed.

I walked to the stop sign- which was a normal meeting spot for my friends.

The four of us all met up, walking together which was our normal routine.

"Kayden- what the fuck is wrong with your neck" Kaitlin spoke, making my hands immediately go to it.

"You've got handprints" Catherine pointed out, making me adjust my bag on my shoulder.

"Oh the dog scratched my neck this morning and mom did that trying to find the scratch- you know how paranoid she is" I dismissed it with a laugh.

Why was I lying about being disciplined?

Luckily, they nodded it off- not knowing that I didn't even have a dog.

We got to school, us all going into different areas for first hour.

I sat in my art class, a coloring sheet in front of me as he explained how many colors we needed to use and such.

I exhaled- coloring the sheet patiently, just waiting on the bell to ring.

By the end of the day I was beyond ready for a shower and my bed- but I went straight into practice instead.

We warmed up and stretched, doing a few kicks back a fourth.

After missing the ball for the fifth time during just drills, my coach called me over- and I expected nothing but an ass chewing.

"Okay Gomez, talk to me- what's going on in that head of yours" he spoke, looking to me.

"Just a long day" I shook my head, seeing his eyebrows scrunch together.

"I've been watching you, you haven't been my head player in the past two months, somethings changed- you can talk to me, you know that?" He spoke slowly.

"Yeah- I'm good I swear, just out of it today" I dismissed.

"Doesn't have anything to do with your dad, does it?" He asked, and I felt my heart wrench lightly.

"He's been gone for almost a year now-" "and that's my point, the anniversary is coming up" he spoke slowly.

"Are you mentally okay?"

"I'm fine, I promise you"

"Okay, get your head in the game then, I need you"

I gave him a nod, walking back onto the field.

We started our plays, seeing who could get what points and such.

I thought about my dad

And how if he were here, none of this would be happening

I would've won last Friday nights game
There would be no Derek
Mom would still be against hitting discipline wise
He would be standing on the sidelines, wearing his jersey with my number on the back screaming my name- which I found embarrassing at the time

But now that I think about it- I'd do anything to hear him yell my name again

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