53. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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August 10th.

Jake's moms party was tonight. I'm nervous. I have course met all of his relatives at the other party the one from the beginning of the summer but this was different. I no longer hated Jake. Not that i'm sure i did at the other party either. But i definitely wasn't in love with him. Or carrying his child. Or really marrying him.

"Mags you ready to go?" I flatten my dress with my hands checking myself in the mirror once more.


"Jake are you sure i look alright? Maybe the shoes are too much.."

Jake sighs grabbing my hand. "Mags you look great."

"Maybe it would look better with some flats." I turn my head to the side examining from a new angle.

"Mags were going to be late."

"Are you sure this dress doesn't show off my stomach to much? what if someone notices?"

Jake almost has me to the door. "Mags you look perfect."

I shake my head stopping. "I look fat." I'm about to start crying. "I picked the wrong shoes..."

Jake grabs my waist pinning me to the wall. "Mags whats wrong?"

I look at my shoes. I shrug my shoulders.

"Mags." Jake whispers. He grabs my chin making me look him in the eyes. "Whats wrong?"

"I'm nervous."

I see the hint of a smile on Jake's face. "Why?"

"What if your family doesn't like me?"

Jake smiles now. "Mags you've already met them."

"Yeah i know." I try and look at my shoes again but Jake has his hand still on my chin. He moves it so it brushes and holds back my hair.

He stares into my eyes ducking down a little to make us the same height. I sigh. "The last time I met them I hated you. I wasn't pregnant and I wasn't really engaged to you."

Jake laughed. "Mags you never hated me."

A smile tugs at my lips. "How you do know?"

"Because." He trails his nose over my cheek. "You can't hate and fall in love with the same person." He trails his nose down my neck and I shiver. "And," He grazes his lips over my skin. "No one will know that your pregnant you look perfect."

"Are you sure?" I ask distracted.


Jake trails kisses up my skin and I have to shake my head to clear it. "How do you kn-" Before i can finish his lips are on mine and my head is one big jumble.


When we get to Jake's were told to go upstairs and wait for the guests to get there. Jake lays down and it reminds me of the first party.

"Mags come lay down."

"No it's ok i don't have a brush so i'll mess up my hair and i'll wrinkle my dress." I say. I exact same thing i said to him two months before.

He smiles. "Maggie come here."

I laugh. I walk over and when he grabs my wrist and pulls me onto the bed I land on top of him.

"This time your going to let me kiss you." Jake whispers.

I wrinkle my nose. "Are you sure about that?"

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