46. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Me and Jake took about an hour to find all my stuff. There were clothes on the floor and under the bed there were clothes in the bathroom then it took us awhile just to find all the other things like my hair brush.

Jake was driving me home my bag in the back seat.

"So where is are date going to be?"

Jake looks over at me and smiles. "Not telling."

I pout. "Why not!!"

"Cause it's a surprise."

"Well what am i supposed to wear?"

"Something nice and dressy but not to dressy."

"Alright." I look out the window wondering why are date is such a secret.

After ten minutes of silence we arrive at my house. I start taking it in looking at the bushes and the walkway to the door. My parents car and Andrews and a police car?

I hope out of the car walking to meet Jake and he takes my hand he's already grabbed the bags from the back seat.

We walk into the house and Jake sets the bags down. I feel the rush of feeling at home hit me. Jake brings me into the kitchen and I see a police man at my kitchen tale talking to my mom and dad while drinking coffee.

"Mom, Dad?"

"Maggie your home." My mom says. "This is officer Danny Moon. He's the police officer that's supposed to gather evidence against Max and he wants to talk to you."

I nod my head sitting down next to Jake at the table.

"Hello Maggie. I have a few questions."

I nod my head again. I already know that bright one. I hate cops they make me nervous. Not because i did anything bad just because they have so much authority.

He looks at my mom and dad. "Um If you wouldn't mind i'd like to talk to just Maggie."

They stand up. "Oh sorry of course."

They start to leave and then turn to Jake who hasn't moved. "Come on Jake." My dad says.

I tighten my grip on his hand. "Jake stays."

The officer nods. "Alright."

My parents look a little frustrated that they have to leave and Jake doesn't but they leave anyways.

I watch Danny lean down grabbing a bag and putting it on the table. He pulls out a bunch of pictures and sets them on the table picture side down.

He clears his throat. "What i'm about to show you is going to scare you." He looks at Jake. "Both of you. But I need to know where these pictures were taken."

I look at Jake. What is he talking about?

"Are you ready?"

I nod my head. "Sure."

Danny looks at me like he's not sure but flips over the first picture anyways.

It's a picture of me and Jake. I pull it closer so I can look at it clearer and I see it's a picture of us leaving a restaurant I have a really long black and white dress on and I realize it's the night that Jake brought me on a date and I told him about knowing about him and Jenna.

"How do you have this picture?" Jake asks what I wanted too.

"I found it taped onto Max's bedroom wall. I want to know when and where it was taken."

My head starts to spin. "Max had this?"

How long has he been taking pictures of us. I look at the huge stack.

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