51. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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My stomach is stuck in knots. There’s only twenty one days until me and Jake are getting married today being the 1st. me and Jake actually slept at are apartment last night for the first time. I stand up stretching and walk over to my over night bag.

We haven't moved in any clothes yet because we won't be moving in until we go back to school. But last night Jake drove us both here and made me dinner. Not that we finished it...


I cut a piece of steak off and put it in my mouth. "Mmm." I moan. "Jake this is so good."

Jake smiles at me over the candles. "I'm glad you like it Mags."

It's quiet for a few moments except for my moans as we eat.

"Maggie...” Jake groans.

I look up confused. "What?"

"I told you not to do that at pizza hut."

I raise an eyebrow. "What?" I say again.

"Don't moan while you eat."

I smile and slip my foot out of my heel. "Oh I'm sorry Jake."

I slide my foot under the table and slide it up his pant leg.

Jake groans putting his head in his hands as I innocently eat my steak.

I put my one hand on my red dress before I slip it under the table and rest it on his leg.


Jake moans when I slide my hand up all the way and grab him through his pants.

I put down my fork and lean over moaning in his ear. Jake doesn't need any more provoking as he immediately walks around the table and picks me up out of my chair.

"What are you doing?" I ask innocently.

He separates my legs stepping between them. "I just wanted a quiet dinner with you and you wear this and then you have to seduce me under the table. Well guess what Mags were the only ones here. I can have you where ever I want."

He grabs my face roughly and kisses me. A very long few seconds later we've ripped at each others clothes enough to have them out of the way. Jake pushes himself repeatedly between my legs. I wrap my legs around him and my other heel falls to the floor with a clatter. I would lay down across the table but I can't because of the food and It would guarantee catching myself on fire. So instead I grip at Jake trying to hold myself in a sitting position as he makes the table groan. He grabs all of my hair in one of his hands the other hand on my waist holding me in place. He moves my hair off my neck and starts kissing and nibbling and biting me. I moan loudly when he pulls down my strapless dress and grabs my chest.

I unbutton his shirt and pull it off making it fall on the floor.

"Jake I love your freckles." I say kissing them. I all of a sudden want to taste all of him and my lips are moving across his skin rapidly never leaving it.

He picks me up off the table and carries me into the bedroom he throws me onto the bed and I’m in physical pain as he kicks off his pants and leaves the room.

I moan loudly. "Where are you going??"

I grip at the sheets. "I need you." I say as he comes back into the room.

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