13. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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bang bang bang bang "MAGGIE!!" Bang bang bang. "HEY MAGGIE YOU AWAKE IN THERE!" bang bang BANG BANG.

ugghhhh what the hell.

"GO AWAY!" I roll over and would have put a pillow over my head but when i roll over i end up on top of a very warm strong body. Startled i jump back and fall out of my bed. then i remember JAKE! i asked him to spend the night with me. because of Max.


I run over to the door and open it just enough that he can see me but not over at the bed where Jake still laid asleep. "Andrew your 18 years old you need to learn how to cook." I say trying to stay quiet but without making Andrew notice i was.

"Ya i will when i have to but for right now i don....-" He trails off and looks at me with a questioning look on his face. Then he points at me. "Hey isn't that Jake's shirt?"

SHIT! "Uh no." I say in a very unconvincing tone.

Andrew tries to look around the door but i step out and close it behind me keeping my hand on the doorknob and leaning on it. "So i'll just um ya know put on some pants and meet you in the kitchen?"

"Maggie what are you hiding?"

"Me? What? Oh nothing."

"So if i go check Jake's room right now he'll be there. I know he didn't leave i already saw his car in the driveway."

"Ya course why wouldn't he be in his room." Please don't go check please don't go check please don't go check.

"I'll just go check then." He starts to head towards Jake's room and i run in front of him putting both hands on his chest.

"He's probably still asleep you wouldn't want to wake him would you?"

"It's noon i don't think he'll mind." He says trying to get around me. I push him back again.

Then without any warning at all Andrew turns and runs for my door turning the knob.

"NO!" I yell trying to grab him but it's to late. "Andrew it's not what you think."

"Oh really and what is it then?" He says pointing to my bed.

I look over at Jake who somehow managed to sleep through all this. He's laying on his stomach only his back showing the blanket covering his legs. His head is to the side and his mouth slightly open. It looks like he's naked. My stomach flips at that thought. i mentally slap myself.

Still looking at Jake i answer Andrew. "He helped me last night. I didn't want to be left alone." I whisper.

"Oh and why didn't you want to be left alone? Afraid of monsters in the closet?" Andrew asks annoyed.

I look at him and start to get mad. Andrew has no right to talk to me like this. "What do you care? Your off all the time screwing my best friend so what does it matter if i fucked yours?" I shove Andrew out of my room and slam the door in his face. I lean my head against the door to collect myself. Tears start to form in my eyes.

Andrew has no right. He's been trying to get me to admit to feelings for Jake. Feelings that i don't have... so why should he get mad if me and Jake did have sex. Also so what if i did his best friend he's been screwing mine for god only knows how long.

"Maggie." I hear Jake say behind me. I turn and find him sitting up in my bed his hair a mess. he's wide awake.

"How long have you been awake?"

"I woke up when you fell off the bed." My bottom lip trembles and he pats the bed. "Come here." I run over and into his arms. He runs his fingers through my knotted hair.

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