29. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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I close the door locking it. Jake picks me up and puts me on the bed. He pulls my hair from the ponytail running his fingers through it. We removes the towel from my body and then takes off his. He throws them on the ground and kisses me. He runs his hands down my body. I tremble from his touch.

"I won't hurt you Maggie."

I nod my head unable to talk. This is it I'm going to have sex with Jake. Right now. In his bed. Me and Jake.

Jake slowly separates my legs and positions himself between them.

"Jake i don't know how to do this." I whimper.

"It's ok I'll talk you through it. I won't hurt you."


"I love you Maggie."

"I love you too."

He moves his fingers between my legs. "I'm just gunna get you ready for me ok? We've done this before."

I nod my head. He moves his fingers on me and i moan into his neck. After a minute Jake pulls out his fingers.

He pulls on a condom that he had grabbed from the nightstand.

"Alright are you ready Mags?"

I hide my face in his neck and nod my head.

"Don't be afraid Maggie." He kisses my head.

I nod again.

He positions himself and then thrusts into me once then twice the skin breaks. My body tenses up from the pain.

"It's ok." Jake murmurs into my hair. "It will stop. It's alright Mags."

After a few seconds Jake's right it does stop i let my body relax beneath his.

"Alright i'm ok." I whisper.

Jake leans down kissing my lips. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Still kissing me he starts to move. I pull away from his lips gasping. My skin starts to get hot and we both start to sweat. Jake pulls himself in and out of me. Were both moaning.

I can hear my heart beating rapidly.

I hear a murmur of the music down the street.

I hear Jake's breathing as heavy as my own.

I hear Jake moan my name.

Jake kisses my lips my neck my face.

He moves slowly inside me.

I move my hips with his.

My whole body feels amazing and i never want this to end.


Jake continues to move and i feel my body start to build up.

Jake's slow steady rhythm picks up a little.

He moves a little faster inside me and he goes deeper.

We climax together. My body collapses along with Jake's. He picks his head up and kisses my lips.

Jake moves off of me both of us sticky with sweat. He pulls the condom off dropping it to the floor.

He takes me into his arms and pulls me into him. He kisses my face all over whispering how much he loves me.

I cuddle into him. Putting my head on his chest my arm over his chest my hand tracing from freckle to freckle. Jake's arms wrapped around me.

We stay like that for a long time laying in silence.

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