27. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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I wake up and i'm on my stomach my head in Jake's neck and my chest across his. I have my arm across his stomach and his arm is wrapped around me. Were both completely naked. I smile. I pull the blanket up so that i'm covered and lay my head back down. I think about what happened last night even though we didn't have sex it was still amazing. I start to think about kissing Jake's neck to wake up when the door opens.

My head snaps in the direction of the door and i hug the blanket more to my chest.

"Andrew can't you knock? and why do you keep showing up here this early?"

"It's noon. I don't see why i should knock. And why do i keep finding you naked in a bed with Jake?"

I sigh then saying the never ending line. "We didn't have sex."

"Good. Also you said i could visit any time i wanted too. Jenna misses you she wants to come over later."

I nod my head. Jake's arms tighten around me and he sighs my name.

"Mornin' " He says. He opens his eyes and sees Andrew. "Oh hey what are you doing here?"

"I miss my sister when shes not home all the time. Now why is she naked in your bed. again?"

Jake looks down and is relieved when he's covered. "We didn't have sex."

"She already said that now why is she naked?"

"I uh... We um..." Jake stutters.

"Andrew honestly it's none of your business what i do with Jake. Now would you please leave for a second so we can get dressed."

"Wait! We?" Andrew glares at Jake.

"Andrew stop it how many times do i have to tell you it's none of your business. I'll have sex with Jake when i want too. It's not are fault you keep barging in on us and you expect us to have some sort of explanation for you."

I sit up holding the blanket to my chest.

"Maggie your my sister and that makes it my business."

"No it doesn't! There's no rule book that says that Andrew. NOW GET OUT SO WE CAN GET DRESSED."

"Maggie your just a kid you have no idea what you'd be getting into after you had sex with him."

"What the hell does that mean!! And i'm not a kid! i'm eighteen years old for fucks sake! Were twins Andrew were the same age!"

"Maggie I just mean that your so innocent after you have sex with him you won't be anymore."

I'm about to yell back when Jake cuts in. He's sitting up with me holding the blanket to his waist.

"Would you stop talking about me like I'm not in the room and like i'm some sort of disease. I love Maggie Andrew and it's not up to you if we have sex or not. Maggie's not a child that you have to take care of shes your twin sister. Now please exit the room so we can get dressed."

Andrew points at him glaring as he yells at Jake. "You stay the fuck out of this!" He picks up one of Jake's shirts off the floor and throws it at me. "And you get dressed."

"WE! Will get dressed as soon as you leave the room!" I yell throwing the shirt across the room.

"I'll leave so you both can get dressed but this conversation is NOT over!"

"Fine! JUST GET THE FUCK OUT!" Andrew glares at Jake and slams the door.

I jump up and lock it so he can't get back in. I lean my head against the door trying to cool off. I hear Jake stand up and walk towards me he wraps his arms around my waist turning me around so i'm against the door.

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