25. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Hannah pulled me into her room and immediately ran into her closet. Which of course was a walk in. She looked around and pulled out three dresses.

"Here try these on." She says handing them to me she shoves me into the bathroom. I try the first one on and go out spinning in a circle for her.

She shakes her head and i go back in trying on the second dress. She shakes her head again. the third dress i try on i look in the mirror. I look really good. I'm in a white dress and the skirt has two layers to it and right below my chest there's a black fabric going around me. Hoping she picks this one i go out and she claps her hands together. "YES!" She yells.

"Go change into your old clothes again so i don't have to worry about you getting the dress dirty while we do your makeup and hair."

"Makeup and hair?" I ask.

"Yes now go change."

I go back into the bathroom changing into my old clothes. Ugh makeup and hair. I'm going to kill you Jake.

I leave the bathroom handing her the three dresses. She takes the one we picked and threw it on the bed the other two went back into the closet. When she came back from the closet she had about five pairs of shoes in her arms. She held each pair up the the dress and then came over to me with only three pairs.

"Try these on."

I take off my heels and try the other three pairs on.

She chooses a white pair with frilly stuff on the sides and a bow on the front. There really cute. I sit barefoot as she puts the shoes next to the dress and then throws the other ones into her closet.

I sigh it's going to be a long 4 hours.


4 hours later she hasn't let me see my reflection yet but she pulled at my hair for a hour trying to get it to be perfect then another hour putting a whole bunch of crap on my face. She painted my nails and my toenails. She then forced me back into the dress and heels. Jake should be here any minute and i can't wait to get out of this room.

She finally pulls away closing whatever tube of makeup she was using to put over my eyes. She examines me like i'm a painting. "Perfect." She says. She takes my hand making me stand up. She turns me to look at a full length mirror. I have to admit i'm shocked to find that the girl in the mirror is me. I look amazing. My hair is in a pony tail but there's pieces hanging down in my face and she clipped little red flowers into my hair too near the hairpiece so you couldn't even see it. The dress looked great the shoes looked perfect with the dress and my makeup was done so that i looked really natural.


"Wow Hannah." I say.

"Jake's going to die when you sees you."

"Well i hope not." I say smiling. "Thank you so much i look amazing!"

"Oh it was nothing."

I laugh.

"Maggie you look beautiful." She says putting her hands on my shoulders.

Just then there's a knock on the door. Hannah runs over opening it.

"Hey is Maggie done yet."

"Course she is." Hannah steps back and Jake steps in when he sees me he grins.

"Mags you look beautiful." I blush.

"You look very good yourself." He's wearing a black suit and he looks damn gorgeous in it.

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