3. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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I hate the sound of alarm clocks i really do. I get up Pull on a skirt that ends two inches above my knee it's black and layered and each layer is trimmed in white and a white tank top, a little black eyeliner, white converse, a white bow in my hair, and grab my phone and keys and head downstairs to grab my breakfast.

this is what i do every morning and i would have gone out to my car and started it and drove to school if something or someone i should say hadn't gotten in my way. Jake was standing against my car door.

"What Jake?" I say frustrated trying to look for a way around him but he was leaning right on the handle.

"Will you give me a ride to school today?"

"Ugh gosh why?"

"I want to tell you a little about my family before i introduce you to all of them as my.." He mumbles the last bit very very quietly so i barely hear and even when i do i'm not sure i heard correctly. "Fiancee."

"As your WHAT!"

"My fiancee."

"Oh HELL NO!! Jake that was not part of it!"

"Look my parents told me last night ok! i didn't know. I swear Mags i didn't."

"Why the hell would they want to pretend your engaged Jake were only 18 i mean it's a graduation party. What are they going to tell people when we never get married?"

"Look Maggie i don't know why there doing this to us but all they would tell me is that it would look better to there friends and to the rest of are family if we were really serious and engaged i'm sorry i really am i don't like this any more then you do."

"Why Why Why Why Why." I had walked back to the nearest wall and was banging my head off of it.

"Mags please stop." He grabs me by the waist spins me around so that my back is to the wall. He puts both hands on the wall beside my head caging me in.

"Maggie i really don't know why there doing this i really don't but please please do this for me."

"Are we supposed to keep this up then for them whenever they have family and friend get togethers were gunna have to pretend to be engaged?"

"Yes." Jake closes his eyes. "I hate my parents so much Maggie."

"How often do they have these things?"

Jake looks broken "Every couple of weeks."

"FUCK!" I really don't swear much so when i do you know it's bad. Jake flinches.

"I'm sorry please Maggie." He still has me caged in like an animal.

"You know i will but that doesn't mean that i don't hate you i just need you to go to college so you won't live with Andrew your whole life so that maybe you'll make new friends and i'll never have to see you again."

Jake smiles.

"So Bitch you should purpose right about now."

Jake looks confused.

"Get down on one knee and purpose."

Jake Laughs.

"Hell no."

I give him a look like i'm doing all this for you.

He sighs. "Fine."

He gets down on one knee and takes my hand.

"Maggie will you please pretend that you want to marry me."

"Mmm fine."

Jake starts to stand up. But i stop him.

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