Eva and Danny one shot.

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Eva and Danny one shot.

8 years later.

Evas pov        

I don't think much about the past. Once in a while I'll come across an old photo album or I'll find something of Maxs that managed to avoid getting packed away after all this time.

I still live in the same house. Only I don't live alone now.

Danny purposed to me six months after I tried to kill myself.

He didn't ask in a super romantic way or anything, it was simple. That's the way I wanted it to be though.

It was a lazy Saturday. He was off of work and we were having a movie marathon. We were stretched out across the couch; me on top of him, our stomachs pressed together, my head on his chest. His hands were making soothing circles around on my back when he spoke up.

"Will you marry me?" He asked casually. Like he was asking me how the weather was.

I picked up my head and looked at him, "What?"

He slow smile spread across his face turning into a grin, "Will you marry me?" His fingers ran across my cheek.

I stared at him shocked, "Are you sure?"

Danny started to laugh and because I was on top of him I bounced up and down along with his chest, "Yes I'm sure. I love you Eva, I want to do this for the rest of my life. Be lazy on Saturdays and curl up with you. I want to be there every morning to see you wake up and every night to see you go to sleep. I want to come home to you, and be able to brag about my wife to the other officers. I want to look at you and know that you're mine forever. Marry me Eva."

I smile, "You're crazy you know that. Wanting a nut job like me."

Danny still smiling, "You still need to say yes Eva."

I start laughing and I lean down to kiss him, "Yes."

He pulled a ring from his pocket and grabbed my left hand slipping it onto my ring finger.

I smile down at him my heart racing, "How long have you had that?"

Danny shrugs, "A few weeks. I've been waiting for the perfect moment and then I realized every moment I share with you is a perfect one."

I shake my head, "You're so corny you know that?"

He grins again, "But that's why you love me."

He leans up to kiss me and I mumble around his lips, "Among other reasons."

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