7. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Jakes pov

I just left Maggie's room. I lay down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. What am i doing? it's one thing being nice to her after what your parents are putting you both through it's a whole different thing to try and kiss her and to get hard while tickling her when your only in boxers. come on Jake.

i rub my hands down my face. i hate her remember. i sigh aloud. that's a lie i don't know if i hate her anymore. you can't just stop hating someone can you? i don't know if i like her but i do know that i'm attracted to her maybe i dunno. how can you not be sure if you like someone but be attracted to them. that makes no sense. i feel nothing for Maggie... i'm going to go back to her room right now and look her in the eyes and tell her i hate her and actually really mean it i'm going to believe it.

i hop off my bed and walk down the hall and open Maggie's door. All my built up anger and hate crumbles. Maggie's asleep all curled into a ball and her hair fans out across her pillow one piece going across her cheek. i walk over and crouch down examining her face. i push the hair off her face with my fingertips. i find myself pulling my fingers through her hair. i'm about to kiss her forehead when i realize what i'm doing. i pull my hand back stand up and swear under my breath.

i'm such a sketch not only did i just completely pussy out but I'm touching the girls hair as she sleeps. i run my hands down my face and crouch down where i'm standing covering my face.

"Whats wrong with me." I moan. i hear Maggie move and i look up from where i am seeing her eyes open and watching me.

"Jake?" she says in a groggy voice. gosh that's cut- STOP!!!!!!


"What are you doing i thought you left? wait why are you in my room?"

oh shit what am i supposed to say well Maggie i came in here to convince myself i wasn't attracted to you and i ended up running my fingers through your hair while you slept?

"I was wondering if you.." think Jake come on! "If you wanna watch a movie with me?"

"Sure." She sits up and her tank top is barely covering her chest. you can see the tops of her bra. which is hot pink and very lacy. she climbs out of bed and stretches putting her hands over her head. her stomach shows when the tank top rises. i fight the urge you throw her down onto the bed. i turn away.

"What movie?" She asks.

"Ummm." I turn back and she still hasn't realized her shirt. "Oh please Mags fix your shirt."

She looks down and blushes as she fixes it.

"Now what movie would you want to watch Maggie?"

"Ummm..." she thinks really hard about this. "leap year?"

"Whats that?"

She just smiles and goes down stairs. "You'll see."

better not be a chick flick.

Maggie bends over to find the movie from the rack. why does she have to tease me all the time? she puts it in and walks over and sits next to me hitting buttons on the controller to get it to work.

i have to admit i laughed a few times. At some point during the movie Maggie's head had ended up on my shoulder and when i tried to talk to her when it finished and i got no response i realized she was asleep. again. she must be really tired. i managed to get out from under her pick her up and carry her upstairs without her waking up. i lay her down on the bed. moving her hair off her face again. not really ready to leave her yet i walked over to the window and looked out. her window looks out across the street. why is there a moving van across the street. i didn't know the couple across the street was moving. that's a good thing they have a really really annoying dog.i like dogs don't get me wrong but this little dog that they have is so ridiculous. i turn and walk to the door i should get some sleep. tomorrow's going to be hell.

i get to the door when i hear Maggie say my name.

"Ya Maggie?"

"I hate you."

"I hate you too night Mags."

"Night Jake."

I laugh on the way to my room i wonder when Andrews coming home.

i go into my room pull off my clothes except for my boxers and climb under the covers.

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