37. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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My parents were coming home today. I wanted to go home so I could see them right away but Jake said that there was no way I could go back there yet. His dad went and sent my dress into a lab to be tested or something like that I zoned out through most of those details. I know I shouldn't have but we had already been in his office for an hour while he talked about what would happen with my clothes and everything it was boring as hell.

Currently I was on the swing on the porch with Jake waiting for my parents to get there. I made sure to look cute for my parents.


I had also made sure to look healthy and happy so that they would know that Jake was taking good care of me and I wasn't letting the whole Max thing get to me to much.

Jake rubbed his thumb against my hand in a circular movement. I looked over at him and smiled.

I hadn't been able to stop smiling all day.

Jake leaned over smiling with me and kissed my lips.

"I can tell your excited," He teased.

"I'm excited! I can't wait to see them."

My leg starts to jiggle with impatience.

Jake places his hand on it.

"Mags they'll be here in a few minutes."

I sigh loudly. "I wish they were here now."

Jake laughs and shakes his head. The only way he'd been able to keep me from jumping into my car and driving to my house today was to use 3 condoms and to totally exhaust both of us. It's only three o'clock.

A few more minutes and an eternity later I see my parents car pull into the drive way.

"MOM DAD!!!"

I jump off the swing and run to the car my dad gets out of the drivers side and holds out his arms. I run into them and he scoops me up and swings me around in a circle. When he places me on my feet he kisses my forehead.

"Hey dad."

"Hey sweetheart."

My mom walks over to our side of the car and I spin around and grab her in a hug.

"I missed you guys."

"We missed you too," My mom says.

Jake comes over and wraps his arm around my waist when I pull away from my mom.

"Hey mom, dad." Yes Jake was that close to my family.

My mom wraps her arms around his waist. After he hugs my dad.

"Jake we were gone for two weeks and you have my daughter madly in love with you," My mom slaps his arm playfully.

Me and Jake both laugh.

"Well it was about time I've loved her ever since the day I met her."

My mom smiles and I blush.

My dad of course had to ruin the moment and get all tough and fatherly.

"Your keeping her safe? Keeping her happy Jake?"

I roll my eyes. "Yes Dad i'm safe and happy."


After a minute of awkward silence Jake breaks it.

"Do you guys want to come in for a cup of coffee I know Maggie wants to see you guys for a bit longer."

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