56. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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August 17th.

4 days.

Ugh i wake up sticky with sweat. I look at the clock. 9:00 am. Why am i awake?

The phone starts to ring across the room.

I sigh. Why does this keep happening.

I poke Jake's side. "Get the phone."

"Mghhmm nmpph."

I sigh. "Jake I got it yesterday."

Jake groans. I watch as he unsticks his body from mine and climbs out of bed. Leaving me to watch his naked body walk across the room.

I lick my lips. Jake bends down and grabs his pants pulling his phone from the pocket.

"Hello?" He walks back over climbing into bed. "Mhmm... yup.. yeah... sure.."

He hands the phone to me.


Jake starts to run his hands over my stomach.

"Maggie it's Andrew."

"Whats up?"

Jake's hand runs over my breasts and then back down a little too low.

"Mom wants you and Jake to come home today."

Jake starts to kiss my neck and he bites at the same time his fingers slip into me. My breathe catches and I press down a moan.

"Oh god." I say a little to enthusiastically. "She does?" I say trying to cover up my mistake.

Jake laughs he grabs my hips and even if i tried to get away i wouldn't have been able too. He moves me until i'm straddling his legs.

"So she wants you hear in a-"

"No." I say to loudly. Jake still has my hips in his hands as he pulls me foreword and pulls them up and then pushes them down moving his into me.

"What?" Andrew asks.

"I'm sorry Andrew. What time does mom want us there?" I bite my lip and try and wiggle away but all that does is push Jake in deeper.

"In about twenty minutes."

I push the phone away and press my face into Jake's mouth covering a moan as Jake shifts my hips.

"An hour?" I ask putting the phone back to my ear.

"Twenty minutes. Mom and Hannah are driving me crazy with all this wedding stuff all over the house. I left my room this morning and I tripped over something white with lots of flowers on it." Andrew says.

I can't take in anything Andrew is saying anymore. I let my head fall back as Jake starts to move my hips faster. Jake moans and I cover his mouth.

"Alright be there in an hour." I say.

As I hang up I hear Andrew still talking I think he says "Did Jake just moa-" before i shut the phone off tossing it away not caring where it lands.

Not even a minute later I'm moaning and Jake has rolled us over so he's on top as the phone starts to ring again.

"Leave it." I say breathlessly. If Jake leaves me right now I think i'll die.

I tighten my grip around him wrapping my legs a little tighter.

The phone stops ringing and Jake buries his head into my neck.

Ring ring ring.

"Oh Jake." I practically scream.

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