50. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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We are officially getting married in a month. Today being July 22nd.

Today we are being forced to stop decorating are new apartment and going with them for a few hours to pick out are brides maids and best man and all that crap. Then we have to go find the dresses for the girls side and the guys have to go get tuxes. Of course a few hours to do this is a understatement.

We are sitting at the table with pictures of younger relatives across the table trying to pick the flower girl and ring bearer. Of course the maid of honor will be Jenna and of course Jake's best man will be Andrew. But other then that we rarely hang out with anyone else so trying to pick people to be in are wedding is hard.

After an hour of sifting through photos we picked out my little cousin violet and Jake's little cousin Nathan for the flower girl and the ring bearer. Nathan was are first and only option for ring bearer because he was Jake's favorite aunts Zoeys son. Violet was my aunt Vanessa's daughter and she was adorable with little dimples and brown eyes.

Then we decided that we didn't need any one else up there with us after Jenna Andrew Violet and Nathan. We didn't really hang out with any one else and if we weren't close to them then why would we want them up with us as we got married.

We ended up going to a wedding store the boys going to one side to get there tuxes and us girls going to the other side to find Jenna and Violets dresses. After we called my aunt Vanessa to ask Violets size. Vanessa had already gotten the invitation and was excited for the wedding but at the same time shocked i was getting married so Young. You could also hear little violet in the back round yelling happily after Vanessa told her.

Going through dresses we were only looking really at the pink ones. Jenna pulls out a pink dress that looks beautiful. She tries it on and it looks great on her. We all go over to find Violets dress when I see the cutest head piece. It's one of those flower head piece things with little pink flowers and a pink bow on the back of it with ribbons hanging off the bow. I grab it.

"Alright were going to find a dress to go with this head piece for Violet." I say.


After we found Violets dress we went over to go check on the guys. When we get to the tux section of the store we see them trying them on. We all start laughing.

There all wearing different colored tuxes. Jake in a purple one, my dad in a orange one, David in a green one, and Andrew in a pink one.

I walk over to them while Jenna my mom and Hannah giggle behind me.

"I'm so glad your taking this seriously." I say amused as they examine themselves in the mirrors.

Jake jumps and turns around. "Oh hey Mags." He blushes and all I want to do is kiss him. I love it when he blushes.

He looks at his shoes. "Jake i'm not sure that tux will go so good with the color scheme."

By this point the rest of the boys are staring awkwardly at us wondering what to do.

"Yeah well we already got are tuxes and we figured it would take you girls awhile to find the dresses so we had a little fun."

"I can see that. I'm not sure pink is really your color Andrew."

"Only real men wear pink." he says back quickly.

"That was true a few years ago before people started saying that and then fake men started to wear pink to look real."

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