1. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Here it is! finally! I will NOT! NOT! be editing this story. There's to much of it and really I don't have the time or effort. First person that complains about my spelling or grammar and I'll block you. This was written a few years ago before I went through an advanced English class, and four English classes in one year. I did not want to be an English major at that time so guess what I really sucked at both because I didn't really give a crap. So NO! complaining about spelling and grammar that really pisses me off when people do that. This is being posted for the people that have already read it and wish to re-read it. So no bitching new people. Anyways, if you can stand the awful spelling and grammar, then enjoy!



UGH! Why can't they just leave me alone! I throw myself face down onto my bed and pull my pillow over my head; wishing death upon the two spawns of Satan that are about to enter my room. My best friend Jenna giggles at my reaction, and the fact that my brother who she’s been crushing on forever is about to enter.

"Hey Maggie?” I hear my brother Andrew ask from the door.

"What?” I ask annoyed—and muffled due to the blankets around my mouth.

"Sorry, I can't understand you when there's a pillow over your head."

I curse into the light purple comforter. I hate him.

"I still can't understand you. Maybe we should help you get that pillow off your head so I can. Don't you think Jake?"

"Yeah, I do.” If my brother isn’t the spawn then his best friend Jake definitely is.

Knowing what they plan to do I go to jump out of bed yelling, "DON'T YOU DARE!" but it's too late. I'm up in somebody's arms. I blow my long curly brown hair out of my face and look to see sky blue eyes and dirty blond hair.

"Jake put me down right now." I look over at Jenna for help but she's too busy just about drooling over Andrew.

"But Mags, I just adore how you feel in my arms," Jake says in a girlie voice, fluttering his eyelashes at me. I think about spitting in his face.

"Jake put me down, I swear to God if you don't-" Andrew cuts me off.

"What? What will you do?”

"I'll tell mom you guys are doing it and then she’ll never let Jake come over ever again.”

Jenna falls over laughing as Andrews face gets bright red with anger. So I totally know what your thinking, ok, so she doesn't get along with her brother and his friend but actually it's just the friend that I don't get along with. Andrew and I get along great. He just happens to get corrupted every time Jakes around.

Jake leans his face really close to mine (GROSS!). "You wouldn't. Besides, like they'd believe you. I've come over here everyday since we were kids."

Before I can answer Andrew cuts in, done with my threats.

"Jake what do you think we should do with her?"

He pretends to think this over before answering, "Mmmm, throw her in the pool?"

"YES!" Andrew yells grinning.

Then Jake starts to run with me still in his arms down the stairs and outside. I start to squirm to get away.

"NO NO NO NO NO!!" I yell.

"JAKE NO!" do you want to know what the two morons did with there disgusting faces they just laughed.

"NOT AGAIN!!! WHY ALWAYS THE POOL!!" yes this happens at least once a week.

"Cause you never learn your lesson." Jake answers as we reach the pool. then i'm in the air and hitting water.

i come up my hair covering my face. i push it out of the way and glare up.

"JERKS!" I climb out of the pool and squeeze water out of my hair.

Andrew makes a disgusted face. "Hey cover up will you Mags."

oh my god. i'm wearing a white shirt AND A DARK PURPLE BRA THAT YOU COULD SEE PERFECTLY!

i try to cover up with my hands. Andrew walks back to the house but for some reason Jake doesn't follow. He stares at me for way to long and not at my face either he's doing a very slow evaluation.

"pervert." I say. Jake doesn't stop looking at my body though.

"Stop undressing me with your eyes." I say frustrated.

"Trust me this is the best time to do such a thing there's nothing left to the imagination." He licks his lips. i shiver.

"Your a pig." I say glaring at him. i push him as i walk by and i get into the house before he grabs my wrist.

"WHAT!" He pushes me against the wall.

"You know Mags you look awfully sexy all wet and all." He holds onto my waist and presses his body to mine this is absolutely disgusting i'm about to vomit. but to get back at him for the pool.

"Ya" I smile invitingly and bite my lip.

Jake smiles "Ya." He leans close to me and runs his nose across my cheek. my bodys screaming to punch him and i'm glad he doesn't notice my fist.

His lips are about an inch away... a couple centimeters and SLAP!

I smack my hand across his face and push him back.

"Your disgusting." i say and walk away up the stairs and into my room.

"Thanks for all the help Jenna." I say frustrated grabbing a change of clothes and heading to the bathroom attached to my room.

"Hey i'm sorry but gosh your brother is just so damn sexy i mean-"

"Yes Jenna i know your totally in love with him always have been." Just before i close the door i see Jenna's face go all red. yes she's totally in love with my brother but him and Jake are players or as they put it they just enjoy the female body and don't like to limit to one. which like i said is a player.

What happened downstairs with Jake doesn't mean he's into me or anything he just likes anything with breasts and mine happened to be on display at the moment. I change my clothes and walk out of the bathroom running a brush through my hair.

"Jake tried to kiss me." I tell Jenna.

"oh my gosh what happened."

"My bra was showing perfectly Jenna don't get your hopes up." Jenna's thought that we were perfect for each other ever since she first saw us together which is totally not true i hate him and he hates me.

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