17. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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I wrap my arms around his neck. "Alright." I say putting my lips on his. Jake lets his hands drift down to my butt and i open my mouth for him. He picks me up and i wrap my legs around his waist I nip his bottom lip and he explores my mouth with his tongue. Jake you are such a good kisser. I play with his tongue and i run one hand down his chest. He pushes the suitcase off my bed with his foot and lays me down on it walking over to the door locking it.

He walks back over to the bed climbing on top of me. He looks down at me his eyes looking all over my face. I look at his mouth partly opened his slightly pink cheeks from the heat the almost invisible freckles on his nose his blue eyes. I lean up kissing his lips softly in a slow lingering kiss. I pull away and he trails kisses down my neck to my collar bone all the way down until he's at the bottom of my shirt he looks up at me and pushes up my shirt revealing my stomach. He places open mouth kisses on my pelvis bone and moves up trailing kisses all over my stomach. I lean my head to the side and close my eyes loving the feeling of his hands on my sides and his lips on my skin.

I let Jake pull my shirt off and he kisses every part of my skin that is showing. I pull his shirt off and slide my hands down his chest.

"I love your freckles Jake." I whisper. I place my mouth on one kissing it were both on are knees on my bed now as i move my mouth from freckle to freckle. Jake closes his eyes burying his fingers in my hair.

"Oh Maggie." Jake whispers. I move my hands down his back feeling the muscles there. Jake wraps his arms around me and moves his hand down my spin making me shiver he goes all the way down and places both hands on my butt. I look up and into his eyes.

Jake's pov

Maggie moves her lips over my chest kissing my freckles i bury my hands in her long brown hair the waves moving around my fingers

"Oh Maggie." I whisper. I've wanted this for the longest time. She moves her hands down my back and i wrap my arms around her moving on hand down her spin her skin so soft and smooth beneath my fingers i feel her shiver in my arms. I place both hands on her butt when she looks into my eyes.

No. I can't do this to her. I pull away standing up i push my hand through my hair trying hard not to look at her vulnerable on the bed i pace around her room.

"Jake what is it? What's wrong? Don't you want me?"

I groan. "Maggie I can't do this too you."

"Can't do what? have sex with me?"

"Yes have sex with you!" I half scream.

"Why not!" She yells back angrily. "Am i not good enough for you or something?"

"No that's not it. If anything i'm not good enough for you." Were both screaming now.

She jumps off the bed and angrily pushes her lips onto mine pushing her body to mine in a very sexual way. I push her away.

"Maggie I want you i really do but i can't do this to you."


"BECAUSE YOU DON'T LOVE ME!" I scream back.

This makes her stop for a second. "What?" She says confused.

"Maggie I know that your trying to save yourself for someone you love. Then Max happened and now your all confused your vulnerable and your trying to forget about what he did to you by haveing me touch you and sleep with you. But i'm not going to let you i'm going to get you to love me and then i'll make love to you not screw you like you want now."

She shakes her head. "Jake it's not like that."

"Then what is it like Maggie cause i know for a fact the first thing i said is true otherwise you would have had sex with one of the thousands of boyfriends you've had but the second they try to have sex with you you close up and leave them. Another fact that i know is that you sure as hell don't love me. So what is it like Maggie please tell me."

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