23. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Jake puts me down turns around and ducks under water. I get onto his shoulders and he comes back up i grab his head for support. He grabs my legs and i trust him letting go of his head. He walks over towards Andrew and me and Jenna start shoving each other.

Jenna shoves my right shoulder so i shove her left shoulder. We end up holding onto each others arms trying to shove the other one over. After a few minutes i shove Jenna in both the shoulders and her arms swing out as she tries to regain balance and as she does that i shove her in the chest and she falls into the water. Jake sets me down and we do a victory dance together. He picks me up swinging me around I put both my hands on his shoulders as he lifts me above his head. He brings me back down but still keeping my feet off the ground he kisses me.

Andrew is over whispering to Jenna. She looks up at him and they kiss. I look away.

"Hey Mags you know what i want?" Jake asks.


"Well other then you." I smile. "I would love some of those cookies from last night."

"Oh my gosh your right those do sound amazing right now. Come on." I grab his hand and start to swim to the ladder.

"Wait Mags." I turn pouting.

"What?" He kisses my lips.

"Jenna! Andrew!" He yells across the pool.


"You guys want some cookies?"

"Hells to the yeah!" Jenna yells and her and Andrew swim to the ladder. They both climb out and Jake grabs me by the waist pulling me over. We start to fight over who's going first shoving each other.

"No Jake!" I yell between giggles as he playfully pushes me off the ladder.

"Mags!" Jake yells when i push him off.

"Come on you guys!" Andrew yells from the side drying himself off we ignore him though. Still shoving at each other. Jake ends up picking me up by my butt and putting me on the side of the pool i grin evilly at him jumping up. He climbs up the ladder and we both run for the chair that has our towels on it. He grabs my waist and puts me behind him. I shove him to the side. We both grab the towels at the same time. Then we race towards the house. I was closer so i'm ahead until we reach the door i'm fighting to get it open when Jake comes up behind me and we shove into each other while trying to open the door. When we finally get it open we fall onto the floor me on top of Jake. We both erupt into a fit of laughter He holds onto my waist and i lean down kissing him.

Jenna and Andrew finally get to the door looking down at us.

Andrew clears his throat. I don't care though we continue kissing.

Jenna starts laughing when we don't stop. Jenna takes Andrews hand and they step over us going into the kitchen. When there around the corner i pull away from Jake's lips. We both start laughing trying to be quiet. I burying my face in his neck trying to muffle my laughter.

"Andrews gunna be so mad." I whisper.

Jake laughs harder. "Mags you are so competitive." I pull up my head and look at him.

"Me?" I ask innocently.

Jake laughs. "Yes you." He leans up kissing my lips.

After a couple seconds i pull away.

"We should go before Andrew comes back and pulls me off of you himself."

Jake laughs. "He would do that wouldn't he?"

I laugh with him. "Ya he would."

Jake sits up and i end up straddling his lap. He kisses my lips one more time and then i stand up. Jake stands up also and takes my hand leading me into the kitchen.

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