22. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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"Well from what I know they went skinny dipping I walked into Jake's room this morning to find Jake half naked and Maggie completely naked and i walked in on there make out session that looked pretty suggestive."

The waitress sets are drinks down and i know she heard what Andrew said because she glares at me when she gives me my drink. I smirk at her. That's right bitch he's mine.

"Do you guys know what you want to order?" She says smiling at Jake.

We all order and she leaves the table after giving me on last glare.

Jenna immediately starts on the conversation from before.

"Oh my god I need to borrow Maggie for a second."

She starts to push Andrew out of the seat and he stands up Jake lets me up too and Jenna grabs my arm practically running to the bathroom making everyone stare she bursts into the bathroom and turns to me.

"Oh my god spill."

"Well me and Jake went on a date last night and he said that he loved me."

"NO WAY!" I cover her mouth.

"Jenna don't yell."

"Sorry" She mouths.

"Yes way Hannah made me make a picnic in the backyard with candles and music and everything. Then Jake asked me to dance and while we were dancing he said he had to tell me something. and well he said that he loved me."

"And what did you say?"

"I started to say that i wasn't sure how i felt but he stopped me saying that he already knew that i don't feel the same way and that he was going to make me love him."

"Oh my gosh that is sooo cute Maggie you are so lucky. Now tell me what this is about you being naked?"

"Well we went skinny dipping because i dared Jake to jump into the pool naked and then he double dog dared me."

"And you never turn down a double dog dare."

"Never. But don't get your hops us i didn't see anything and neither did he."

Jenna rolls her eyes. "Whats the fun in skinny dipping if you don't get to see the rest of him?"

I laugh. "Anyways the water was freezing and i was shivering really bad and my teeth were chattering so we went inside and Jake warmed me up."

Jenna raises her eyebrows suggestively at me. "How exactly did he do that?"

"Not like that." I say smiling. "He was huggin my for awhile."

"Wait did you put your clothes back on yet?"

"No we were both in just towels."

"Gosh that's sexy."

I rolled my eyes at her again. "Anyways he said that my lips were blue and he kissed me and eventually we ended up on the bed." Jenna smiles really big. "Jenna we didn't have sex." Jenna pouts.

"You guys are no fun."

"Anyways he wrapped a blanket around both of us and i curled up in his lap after i stopped shivering my body was exhausted and i fell asleep."

"Aw you guys are adorable. So he just laid you in his bed naked?"

"Well anyway that he could put clothes on me he'd end up seeing my whole body so he laid me down in just a towel and when i woke up it wasn't on anymore. It was about halfway off the bed and Jake had his arms wrapped around me. I was trying to get away so i could get dressed before he woke up when Andrew walked in."

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