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48. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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It's been three weeks since the day Hannah and my mom asked to plan my wedding. Of course like they said they show me every little detail after they plan it. But they insist that i be there to pick out the dress. I'm also officially starting to show!


Four days ago.

"Maggie? What are you doing in there?"

"Just staring at my enormous stomach!!" I yell through the door.

"Maggie what are you talking about?"

I walk over and open the door holding my shirt up. "Do you see this?"

Jake sighs staring at my stomach. "See what?"

"My stomach!!"

"Maggie your stomach looks the same."

I walk over to the mirror staring at my slightly bumped stomach. "There's a bump!"

Jake places his hand on my stomach wrapping his arms around my waist from behind. "Your stomach is perfect Mags." He kisses the back of my neck and I sigh looking at the mirror.

"Were getting married in a few months and i'm going to look like a blimp going down the isle."

Jake turns me around and pulls off my shirt completely. He gets down on his knees and starts kissing my stomach. "By the time we have the wedding you'll barely be showing at all. Your over reacting."

"Jake all my life i've pictured my wedding and i've never pictured it with me being pregnant looking fat in my wedding dress."

"You never pictured it to be me at the end of the isle either."

I brush my fingers through his hair. "I guess."

"Mags are wedding will be beautiful.." He pulls me down so i'm kneeling in front of him. "You will look perfect.." He lays me down on the cold tile floor. "The baby will be perfect.." He starts to pull of clothes. "And we will live happily ever after." He's about to thrust into me.


Jake smiles then pushes into me. "Promise." He says in my ear as he starts to move.

My head falls against the floor as I grip onto him pulling him closer.


There's only about a month until are wedding and i'm being shoved in and out of white dresses. I wonder if it's acceptable for me to be wearing white.

This was are fourth day of dress hunting I have barely seen Jake since that day in the bathroom and
I miss him like crazy. He's off having a great time with Andrew while i'm stuck playing barbie for Jenna my mom and Hannah.

Truly awful.

My mom sashays in with a few more dresses and hands them to me. I put them on the hook without looking at them I slip on the first dress and look in the mirror. I sigh. I step out and show them spinning.

one yes two nos and i'm back in the dressing room. I slip off the dress hanging it up and handing it to my mom so she can go put it away. I turn looking at the dress and immediately I grab it pulling it on. I gasp when I look in the mirror.

I leave the dressing room with a smile and slowly spin.

All three of them start to clap.

"Gorgeous." Hannah says.

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