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4. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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i slowly walk upstairs and walk into Jenna's room wanting to talk to her i didn't really get a chance too earlier because we were with the guys. But when i walked into her room she wasn't there. I look around confused then check my room and when i'm on my way to check the bathroom i hear moans coming from Andrews room.

I almost throw up as i run to Jake's room. i burst in hitting the door off the wall.

"JAKE!!! JAKE!!"

He comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist looking frantic.

"Mags what is it!" He runs over to me looking worried he's all wet water drips from his hair gosh that looks *i mentally slap myself* don't you dare.

"Maggie!" Jake shakes me by the shoulders. "What is it."

"I was.. i went... i wanted..." I stutter not knowing how to say what i heard. "Jenna she wasn't in her room or mine so i went to check the bathroom and as i walked by Andrews room i heard.. i heard.."

Jake shakes me again. "You heard what! what did you hear Maggie."

"Moaning!! Jake i heard moans there Jenna and Andrew there.." Jake starts laughing.

"Maggie you burst into my room making me freak out because Jenna and Andrew are having sex?"

I shiver not liking that thought at all trying to push back any images that might emerge.

"Jake that's so gross she's my best friend and my brother." I sink to the floor and cover my face with my hands.

"Oh Maggie your such a child sweetie." Jake kneels in front of me and takes both sides of my face. "Maggie were seniors your friends are going to be having sex."

"Not if there Jenna and Andrew." It comes out muffled because i'm still talking through my hands.

"Jeezum Maggie." Jake says pulling my hands away from my face. I look at him i actually let the fact that he's only in a towel function through my head. he has freckles all over his chest and stomach there really se- *i mentally slap myself again* NO NO BAD GIRL BAD!

"Jake why are you only in a towel?"

"Because i just took a shower and then some crazy girl ran into my room."

I blush.

"That's cute." Jake says as he stands up and walks over to his dresser.

"What is?" i say letting my hair cover my face.

"Your blush." He pulls on a pair of boxers and then lets the towel drop.

"Do you want me to walk you back to your room?" He asks.

"No we have to pass Andrews room to get to my room." I say covering my face again.

"So what you want to stay here for a while?"

"Is that ok?" i muffle.

"Ya but i still hate you."

I smile "I hate you too."

He pulls my hands away again. "Oh there you are Mags." He pushes the hair that i let fall into my face back. "You shouldn't hide your very pretty."

I blush and look away. "Don't." I whisper.

"Don't what?" Jake asks.

"Call me pretty."

"Why not?" Jake says confused.

"Because i'm not." i'm still looking at the ground.

"Oh Mags your right your not pretty." He whispers cupping my face and trying to get me to look at him i refuse finally he forces me to look him in the eyes. "Mags your beautiful."

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