16. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Jake looks at me looking into my eyes he takes my hand and places it on his lips kissing it and then putting it on his cheek. "I will i promise."

Jenna smiles satisfied and opens a box of pizza. Andrew pulls out a piece and starts to eat it meat falling off and onto the floor. Jenna laughing as he tries to keep it all on. I'm not paying attention to any of that though. I look into Jake's blue eyes. He intertwines his fingers with the back of my hand keeping it on his cheek he leans forward and places his other hand on my face and he leans in and kisses me. A very sweet short kiss. He pulls away from me slowly moving his hand from my cheek and and letting my hand go. I stare at him dazed by those blue eyes and that sweet kiss.

"Gosh Jake i can't believe this i leave you alone for a few days with her and she's already in love with you." Jenna says before taking another bite out of her pizza.

I snap out of the trance that Jake had me in and snap my head towards her. "I'm not in love with him." I say in a high pitched tone.

Jenna rolls her eyes and Andrew laughs. "Ya sure your not Maggie." Andrew says raising his eyebrow and taking a huge bite.

I pick up a piece of pizza. "I'm NOT! besides Jake doesn't love me either." I look over at Jake trying to get him to help me he smiles in a weird way.

He laughs but it sounds very fake. "Ha ya. I can't love Maggie i just stopped hating her remember?"

I look at Jake i got the feeling that he was lying. I almost shook my head. No Jake can't love me. Can he?

"Hey Maggie we should tell Andrew what happened when we went to go get pizza."

Andrew looked at us pizza cheese oozing from his mouth to the pizza and him concentrating very hard on trying to get it all in his mouth without losing the meat on top. Andrew looks at us mouth full. "What?"

"We ran into Max." We told him exactly what happened and Jenna started to cry again Andrew wrapping his arms around her.

"We have to do something about him. I refuse to let you sit around waiting for him to come after you Maggie."

"What can we do? We call the cops and it's are word against his. you guys go after him and he'll kill you."

Andrew thinks about this staring at the ground. We all eat are pizza in silence all thinking of what to do.

I sigh. "Look we'll figure it out ok? Hopefully he won't come after me too soon." Everyone looks around at the others. I look at Jake who's staring worriedly at me.

Eventually he sighs. "Maggie's right we'll figure it out and it would be best if we waited and really thought it out before we rushed into anything."

Andrew and Jenna look at me and nod there heads after a moments pause.

We all sit in silence for a while when Jake finally speaks.

"Me and Maggie got Invader Zim today at the movie store you want to watch it with us? we can take the pizza into the living room."

"Ya as long as Andrew uses a plate." I say as Andrew drops another piece of his meat lovers we all laugh.

"Ok but first i need to talk to Maggie and i also want to put on my pajamas." Jenna says she grabs my arm and I look at Jake in a 'don't leave me' way. Jake puts down his pizza and follows us upstairs. Jenna drags me into my room and Jake stops the door before she can close it.

"Jake I know that you want to protect Maggie but i really need to talk to her about private matters we also need to change and i'm not doing that in front of you."

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