34. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Dinner time. I untangle myself from Jake grab his shirt and my underwear pull them on and tip toe out of the room. Leaving a very sexy Jake in the bed. I go downstairs and pull out supplies for dinner.

I pull Jake's apron from the closet and pull it on. I turn on the radio in the kitchen while i work. Dancing along as i put dinner together. I'm swaying my hips and dancing to Shake it By Metro Station when i hear someone clear there throat behind me. I jump and turn to see a amused looking person.


Shake it ^ By metro station

"HANNAH! I didn't know you were home we haven't really seen you around the past couple of days."

"Yeah i've been stuck in my office. Been really really busy."

Not really knowing what to say to that. "Oh that stinks." I say awkwardly.

"Yeah." She looks at the potatoes that i'm mashing. "Are you making dinner?"

"Yeah I'm Making mashed potatoes and chicken do you want to eat with us?"

"If there's enough food i don't want to be a bother."

"Oh it's no problem."

"Thanks." She sighs in relief. "I'm starving."

"Well it should be done in about ten minutes so i'll come get you when it's done."

"Alright." She nods her head. "See you in a bit then."

When she leaves i sigh in relief. She hadn't commented on what I was wearing. Which happens to be Jake's shirt and boxers. I'm sure my hairs a mess too. I hadn't bothered to fix it before i left Jake's room. The way i looked must have screamed 'JUST HAD SEX.'

I shake my head.

I set the table with three plates, forks, knives, napkins, and wineglasses. I put the chicken and mashed potatoes in the middle along with some gravy.

When that's done i run up the stairs and into Jake's bedroom, confused when he's not on the bed.


He walks out of the bathroom naked. I quickly shut the door and turn back around to admire his body. I move my eyes all the way up him and realize he's holding the side of his neck.

"Maggie when did you give me this?" He removes his finger and points to a red circle on his neck.

I smile guiltily. "Maybe yesterday morning when i was trying to wake you up."

"Yesterday?" He says confused.

"Yeah it took you long enough to notice it." Before he can say anything i'm talking again. "I made dinner so you should get dressed because your mom is eating with us."

"My mom? She's home?"

"Yeah she's just been in her office really busy with work. So get dressed before dinner gets cold."

Jake smiles. "You should get dressed too if we're eating with my mom your whole appearance screams that you just had sex."

I smirk. "Yeah i know."

He walks over to me and places a hand on my forehead. "Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah a lot."

He kisses my lips. "Good."

Jake walks over to the bed and grabs his pants off the floor. He smiles at me.

"I need those Mags." He points to his clothes that i'm wearing.

He crosses his arms in amusement as i undress. When i have his shirt off i throw it at his face.

He catches it before it hits him. "Not nice." He says as i throw his boxers at him.

I grab my clothes off the floor from earlier and pull them on. I run a brush through my hair and when i'm done Jake grabs my hand and leads me too Hannah's study.

When we open the door we see her bent over her desk looking at some papers taping a pencil against her bottom lip.

"Mom? Dinners done." Jake says.

She looks up dazed and shocked to see us in the doorway. "Oh alright." She stands up smoothing down her skirt. She looks at us and then at our clothes and smirks.

I blush knowing exactly what she's thinking. She doesn't bring it up until halfway through dinner.

"Can you pass the gravy Jake?" I ask.

He grabs them off the table moving them to me.

"So are you guys using protection?" Hannah says. She doesn't look up from the chicken that she's cutting. She also says it like she's asking how are day was.

Me and Jake both freeze horrified. Jake holding out the gravy and me with my arm about halfway to it.

"What?" Jake asks shocked.

Hannah looks up. Seeing are shocked expressions she smiles. "I saw Maggie while she was making dinner don't tell me you arn't having sex."

I grab the gravy and put it on the table Jake puts his arm down.

I blush red and look at the table.

"Oh come on don't be embarrassed your both eighteen. I just want to make sure I want have any grandchildren any time soon."

Jake looks at his plate. "Yes were using condoms. Maggie is going to get put onto birth control s soon as she can"

"Good." She says looking back at her food. She starts to eat again.

Jake and i both look at each other. I very awkwardly put gravy on my potatoes.

"So Jake you might want to cover up that hickey." Jake groans.

"Mom please stop."

"I was just saying you won't want your father to see it you know he'll pick on you for months." She laughs.

I giggle. She's right David will make comments about it for a very long time.

"Mom. Please."

"Alright fine don't worry i'm done." She doesn't stop smiling though.

It's quiet for the rest of dinner. When were all finished Hannah helps me and Jake pick up the table. We clean off the table put away the left overs and start the dishwasher in five minutes.

Jake drags me upstairs and I lay out across the bed.

"What now?" I ask.

Jake smiles locks the door and walks over to me smiling. He climbs on top of me and after a minute our clothes are off. He goes to grab a condom from the nightstand.

He looks up confused and I look over at the nightstand to see his hand searching around the drawer. He uses his elbow to hold himself up as he looks for a condom. He climbs off of me and moves over to the table searching through it.

He groans. "What is it?" I ask flustered.

"I'm out of condoms."


He looks at me both of us sexually frustrated. "I'm out of condoms." He repeats.

I roll over so my face is in the pillow. "Now what?"

"We go get some i guess."

My face turns red and i'm glad it's hidden in the pillow.

I feel Jake stand up from the bed.

"You coming?"

I sit up. "Yeah."

We pull on are clothes and Jake grabs his keys phone and wallet.

We go out to the car and get in. I stare out the window slightly embarrassed. I've never had to buy condoms before.

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