Maggie and Jake story. Should I put it up?

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I've had a few people that want me to put up the Maggie and Jake story from my Quizilla account. The reason why I haven't already done so is that at the time that I wrote it my grammar and spelling were both atrocious. Which means I would need to go through and fix it all up before posting. That would take a lot of time and a lot of effort on my part, since it's three stories long. So pretty much I want to know how many people actually want me to put it up. If only one or two of you do then I probably won't. However, if enough people want me too then I will.

So please comment and vote to tell me what you think. If I do re-post it will start around the 2nd of June when I'm no longer in school. That does not go for the Secret admirer story though since I'm still unsure about what I'm doing with that story.

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