20. Dear Jake, I love you.

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"I wanna tell you something." I pick up my head to look at him and he leans down pressing his lips to mine. The kiss is slow and sweet and i think i already know what he's going to say by the kiss. He pulls away and keeping his lips barely a centimeter away from mine as he whispers.

"I love you Mags."

He runs his fingers over my cheek and not waiting for a response he leans down and gives me another love filled kiss.

It takes me a second to respond. I knew that he loved me i mean there's no way that i couldn't know but him saying it threw me a little off. Did he expect me to say it back. I don't know how i feel about him yet. If he wants me to say it back i don't know what i'm going to do. I can't lie to him but at the same time i don't want to make him feel bad for telling me. What am i going to do! All my thoughts are cut off when Jake licks my bottom lip I open my mouth for him.

I could definitely learn to love Jake. He squeezes the hand resting on my waist. I no longer hear the music and the crickets i no longer feel the blanket on my feet. I can no longer smell the strawberry scented candles.

All i can feel is Jake's body against mine his hand on my waist his other hand in my hair His lips on mine his tongue in my mouth. All i can hear is my heart racing in my ears. All i can smell is Jake.

He pulls me closer which i didn't think was possible and I really need to pull away to take a breathe but not wanting to pull my lips off of Jake's. Apparently he needed breathe too because after a second he pulls away both of us breathing heavily. He rests his forehead on mine and closes his eyes.

"Jake I.."

Jake puts his fingers on my lips. "I know you don't feel the same way and it's ok because i'm going to make you love me too."

I nod my head slowly. "Ok Jake." I whisper.

He pecks my lips. "Hey Mags wanna play a game?"

He asks trying to lighten the mood.

"Sure." He pulls away from my sitting on the blanket again the he grabs my waist and pulls me down so i'm sitting between his legs leaning against his chest.

"What game?" I ask. He places a hand on my stomach and his other hand plays with one of mine.

"Truth or Dare." I smile i love this game me and Jenna play it all the time.

Not bothering to say yes i just give him my choice. "Truth."

"Your no fun." He whispers in my ear. I laugh because his breath tickles my skin.

He smiles. "Too bad i never pick dare." I say.

"You have to at least once."

I shrug my shoulders. "Maybe i'll think about it."

He laughs. "You'll think about it?"

"Yup now whats my question?"

"Mmm." He says thinking. "Is there any time before this week that you thought you might not hate me?"

I lean my head back onto his shoulder running memories through my head.

"There was one time."


"Yeah when we were around fourteen. That time i ran into Andrews room because i heard noises outside my window but Andrew was already asleep and you were sleeping over that night. You were awake playing on the computer and when i ran in crying you asked what was wrong."

"Oh yeah i remember that. I ended up taking you back to your room and you hugged my waist while i opened your window and checked. You were terrified It ended up being a tree branch though and i broke it off so that it wouldn't hit the window anymore."

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