11. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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I wake up to the sun coming through my window. I squinted as i opened my eyes. I got up and took a shower. I changed into a pair of shorts a pink tank top a flower head band and a pair of flip flops.


I look over at the clock. only 11. i go downstairs thinking about having a frozen waffle. when i get into the kitchen though there's already someone in there. when they hear me come into the room they turn and i'm looking into a sea of blue. I look away from Jake's eyes feeling really guilty.

"Morning Mags. did you miss me?"

"You know i did." I say trying to make a joke. it was a really bad one and it was true i did miss him. i walk over to the freezer and take my time getting out the waffles. I feel a pair of arms circle around my waist.

"I surprisingly missed you." Jake says kissing my hair. I close the freezer and walk across the kitchen to the counter. "You seem distracted what is it?" Jake says with a frown.

Should i tell him now? i take a deep breathe and am glad when the toaster pops up my waffles i turn away from him to take them out.

"I have a date tonight." I say like it's nothing. when he doesn't say anything i turn around. He looks.... jealous.

"You have a date?" He asks.

"Uh ya." I say looking at the floor.

"Awesome." He says turning away from me.

"Jake i didn't think you would care... i mean you never cared before."

He turns back. "If you thought i wouldn't care then why was it so hard for you to tell me?"

"I... I don't know." I turn away not being able to look at him. "Jake i'm sorry..."

"Why are you sorry were not dating. What we kissed a few times. I mean the kisses didn't mean anything." Jake smiles it looks very fake. "It's all a shame remember were not really together."

I look down at the ring that i never moved back to my right hand. It was all a shame. i don't like how that sounds at all. And the kisses meant something to me even if they meant nothing to him. I nod my head. i leave my waffles untouched on the plate near the toaster i'll leave them for somebody else.

"i'm gunna go to my room."

"What about your waffles?"

"I'm not hungry." I mumble starting towards the stairs. Jake grabs my wrist.

"So who is he?"

"Max the new neighbor."

"The new neighbor what do you know about this guy? nothing. you don't know if he's a complete jerk."

"Most people don't know each other on dates that's the point of them. why do you care? you hate me so much." I yank my wrist free. "You say the kisses meant nothing so what does it matter?"

I run up to my room and slam the door.

Jake's pov

I lied when i said those kisses meant nothing. they did mean something. Maggie has a date? I sit on the couch and stare at the black tv. i rest my chin on my hand. Maggie has a date? i have to admit i'm very very jealous of whoever this- what was the douches name Mark? ya that was it. I was jealous of him. He just asked Maggie on a date.

Of course i know what happens at the end of the date he'll kiss her. I groan and put my face in my hands pushing back that image. i don't hate Maggie anymore i havn't since i realized i was falling for her. i can't just tell her that though she still hates me. I don't even think she hates me anymore i think shes just telling herself that and that's why it was so hard for her to tell me she had a date. i leave for one day ONE! and she goes and finds some guy across the street. Even with the bruise covering her cheek shes still pretty. she still has guys asking her out. There asking her out and i can't even tell her i don't hate her. if i do she'll probably run the other way. I don't hear him come in but i jump when he talks.

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