54. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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August 15th.

7 days!


Whenever I say that I feel like i'm making fun of that movie where the girl from the well calls you and says. "Seven days."

Except well i'm not going to die in seven days i'm getting married in seven days.

I suppose some people consider marriage to be some sort of death but not me. I'm madly in love with Jake.. So why am i nervous??

I realize I shouldn't be nervous if i'm so in love with Jake. It's just that were so Young.

Not even in college yet and already having a baby and getting married. We already have an apartment. In other foreign countries I know that girls get pawned off as property to men half there age. So it's silly that I think it's too soon for me and Jake.

This is what I think as I push a cart down the isle at Market Basket.

"Hey Mags!" I turn to see Jake over by the baby food.

"Yeah Jake." I say turning the cart around and walking over to him.

"Is this what are baby is going to eat?" He asks holding up a little container of Gerber baby food.

"Most likely."

He makes a face at it. "It looks all mushy."

I laugh touching my stomach. "Jake the baby won't have any teeth."

His nose crinkles making me want to rain kisses on it. I refrain myself. "It doesn't look very appetizing. And they all look the same."

"They all look the same because it's the same brand."

"Not the containers. The food inside of it."

I laugh again. "Jake it's baby food. The baby's not going to care."

I take it from Jake putting it on the shelf again. "I'd care." He says.

I wrap my arms around his waist looking up at him. "You probably ate the same thing."

"Well if I had known I would have protested a little more."

He leans down and kisses my lips.

"You know I've heard that you two were engaged and I found it hard to believe but now i know why! Your pregnant."

Me and Jake both turn to see a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She looks super slutty.

Jake's arms tighten around me.

"What do you want Catherine?"

I look at Jake confused. Who is Catherine?

"Jake you know what I want." She laughs and Jake's hands turn to fists.

I'm so confused.

"Who are you?" I ask her.

"Oh how rude of me." She smiles evilly and I can't help but scrunch into Jake a little. "I'm Catherine, Jake's ex."

"Well this is Maggie my fiancee."

She laughs and I don't like the sound of it at all. I'm tempted to cover my ears. "I know. Didn't you hear what I said. I'm surprised Jake. You were always careful with me even when we were drunk."

I look up at Jake. I had totally forgotten that he drank. I never did. Of course those few cups of wine at family gatherings and weddings but I had never gotten full out drunk.

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