31. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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"Do you mind if i stay while you make those calls. I'd like to stay in the loop."

I nod my head. "Alright."

"You ready to call your parents Mags?"

"Yeah will you talk to them with me on speaker?" There's no way i want to do this by myself.

"Of course." Jake wraps his arms around my waist. 

He grabs the phone of the counter and dials the number. He hugs me too him and i hide my face in his chest he puts it on speaker. 


"Hey Claire this is Jake."

"Jake? Why do you have Maggie's phone?"

"Because she's been staying with me."

"Why? Is everything alright? Is she there? Can i talk to her?"

"Hey mom. Yeah i'm alright but i was hopeing to talk to you and dad is he around?"

"Of course... Henry come here."

"Alright mom put the phone on speaker."

I hear her asking dad how to do that. I roll my eyes and Jake laughs. 

"Oh alright. Here we go."

"Hey sweetie is everything alright?"

"Hey dad. Not really but that's why i called."

We explain everything Jake helps me like always. 

"Oh baby do you want us to come home?"

"No mom it's alright there's not really any point when i'm at Jakes anyways."

"As soon as we get home we'll figure out what to do with this Max kid." 

"Thanks dad."

"Thank you Jake for taking care of her."

Jake nuzzles my neck.

"I won't let anything happen to her i promise."

"Good. So wheres Andrew at is he at home?"

"No he's right here actually." Jake answers.

"Hey mom hey dad."

"Hey baby. How are you doing?"


When we got off the phone with my parents we call Jake's dad.

"Hey dad."

"Oh hey Jake. Whats up?"

"Nothing we just wanted to know if you thought of anything yet to help Maggie."

"Oh actually i have. I've been to busy to call i'm on a lunch break now so i'll tell you quickly."

"Alright." Jake says but David didn't give him time to answer talking fast he explained the rest.

"You said that you took Maggie's clothes and put them in your room you didn't say anything about actually getting rid of them. So when i get home in the next couple of days were going to take Maggie down to the police station with those clothes that have Max's finger prints on it and it might even have some of his blood depending on how deep Maggie cut his lip. We'll start with that. Does Maggie know by any chance what he cut her with?"

I think about it. I close my eyes. "A pocket knife."

"If they can match his blade to the cut on your leg that might be enough to hold over his head to get a restraining order and enough to maybe get him arrested."

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