28. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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When Allie and Noah almost have sex Jake nibbles on my ear and i blush deep red. When Allie has to leave i cry and Jake hugs me to his chest. When Allie and Noah do have sex we end up pausing the movie so we can fool around a little bit.

Jake leans down and starts kissing the back of my neck. I lean my head to the side to give him more access he starts sucking and i moan. I grab the remote pausing the movie. I lay down on my back on the couch and Jake climbs on top of me. Jake starts to kiss my neck burying one hand in my hair as he moves my head to the side. He puts the other hand on my chest. I tug at the bottom of his shirt and he pulls it off. He then removes my dress and kisses down the center of my chest down my stomach and sucks on the skin right above my underwear. I grab onto his head and moan. He slides back up to me and kisses my mouth as he slides his fingers between my thighs.

My body erupts into mini earthquakes all over my skin as i climax. I lay there catching my breath for a minute before i pull at Jake's pants undoing the button and unzipping them. I pull them down along with his boxers and pull him out. I tease him a little with my hand and then move so i'm on my knees in front of him. I slowly lean my head down licking him.

When he's about to cum i pull my mouth off of him and finish with a hand job.

We both lay there cuddling for a second. He kisses my head.

"That was amazing Mags."

Then Jake pulls up his boxers kicks off the rest of his pants and we press play still cuddling in just are underwear.

After the notebook Jake puts in the proposal. Jake hides his face in my neck when Ramon starts dancing.

"Is it over?"

Ramon rips off his pants.

"Oh yeah its over."

Jake sighs in relief then looks up his face looks horrified as Ramon rolls in front of Margaret and thrust his hips forward.

Jake buriess his face into my neck attacking my sides with his hands. "You lied!" He groans.

I run my hand down his naked chest. "Sorry." I say smiling.

Jake lifts up his head looking at me trying not to look at the screen as Margaret tries to slap Ramon's butt.

"Oh your sorry?" He says smiling.

"Yup." I say giggling. Jake attacks my sides and my body jumps in response he starts to tickle me and i scream between laughter.


He stops looking at me. "Are you really sorry?"

I smile up at him still laughing. "YES!!"

"Alright." He says resting his head on my chest.

After that we put in sweet home Alabama. I had convinced Jake to let me watch my three movies first then he could watch both of his movies right after the other.

It was weird watching a movie when every couple of minutes you hear someone say Jake. All it did was make me more conscious of the fact that the Jake right next to me was nibbling on my neck all during the movie.

I'm starting to get tired when Jake puts in the first Transformers.

The movie finishes and i have to admit i liked it a lot. Jake puts in the second one and about ten minutes in I fall asleep.

Andrews pov

I get home jump out of the car and slam the door. I viciously open the door to the house and slam that shut too. What i needed right now was some Angry sex.

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