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39. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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It's late!                          

I pull my phone out and look at the date. Three days late.

I sit on the edge of the bathtub and put my head in my hands.

This can't happen. I'm going to college in less then three months. This CANNOT happen!

I'm eighteen. Jake's eighteen.

We always used protection right? I think back. Of course we did.

Knock knock knock.

"You ok in there Mags?"

"Yeah." I answer without picking my head up. I need to find out if it's true. But how? I doubt Jake will let me go to the store by myself so that means i can't go get a pregnancy test. I also doubt he'll let me go into a doctor's appointment on my own.

I could ask Jenna to get me one. I shake my head. She'd tell Andrew and then he'd come after Jake who would be completely clueless on why all of a sudden Andrew is literally trying to beat him to death.

I moan.

"Mags are you sure your alright."

"Yeah Jake i'm sure."

"Can i come in then?"

I sigh and stand up walking to the door. I look in the mirror and force myself to smile and not look so freaked out.

I open the door and Jake literally falls in falling on top of me.

"Why were you that close to the door?" I ask underneath him.

"It's hard to hear what you were saying through the door."

he nuzzles his head into my neck. then starts a trail of kisses.

I giggle completely forgetting what i was just freaking out about as his breath on my neck sends shivers through my body.

He removes my shirt so he can kiss down my chest and stomach. He tugs my pants out of the way so he can kiss my pelvic bone. then unbuttons and completely removes them.

I giggle. "Right here?" Were about halfway in-between the bedroom and the bathroom. My back is on hard floor and my legs are on the carpet.

"Yes right here."

I help him take his shirt off and soon all of are clothes are off.

He has to go over to the dresser to get a condom and to look the bed room door.

He's thrusting inside of me and my back is sticking to the hard floor from the sweat and my butt is probably going to have rug burn but i don't care because everything feels so good.

After we lay tangled in each others arms and somehow Jake manages to fall asleep I'm left thinking about how maybe in a couple days when i find out the results we won't need condoms any more.

I stare at the ceiling making pictures in the swirls. I look over at Jake taking in his parted mouth and his hair stuck to his forehead from sweat.

I think about what could possibly be already growing inside of me. I need to find out.

the nearest convenient store is just around the corner.

After a few minutes of though I untangle myself from Jake. I pull on my red shirt and jeans and pin half my hair onto the back of my head and clip it there. with a pink hair clip letting a few strands fall in my face. I grab my red converse and slip them on.


I grab my purse and check it for wallet. I lay a blanket over Jake's gorgeous naked body. After grabbing his car keys from the nightstand I find it hard to unlock the door and leave the room with Jake looking absolutely perfect across the room. I silently close the door behind me and jog downstairs and into Jake's car.

I need to make this whole trip fast in case Jake wakes up.

In the convenient store i'm completely embarrassed that there's two other people in the 'family planning' isle but i don't have time to wait for them to leave. I take two different kinds off the shelf and bring them too the cashier. Of course the one that i get is a boy that looks about my age.

He smiles seductively at me until he sees what i bought.

I think about it and he seems oddly familiar. then i remember he sat behind me in math class for two years. He never seemed to have a pencil and I had to give him one everyday. I think his name was Matt.

I turn bright red. I just had to get this cashier.

"Looks like all those condoms didn't do any good." A female voice says. I turn my head and look at the cashier who me and Jake had when we bought condoms.

I groan. Of course. I'm totally not in the mood for this.

Matt grins as he rings in my two items. Why is this taking so long?

"Maggie I never thought you were the type."

Why me?

I blush deeper.

"Look I don't have time for this I need to get back to Jake now just tell me how much so I can go."

He doesn't instead his eyes bulge out and I realize my mistake.

"WOAH wait! You and Jake? I thought you hated each other."

I look at the little box thing that tells you the amount and pull it out of my wallet throwing my money on the counter.

"If I hear this gets around I'll kill you." I growl.

"My lips are sealed." He smiles. "If you give me a blow job."

Ass whole. I smile. "Of course." His smile drops slightly and he swallows.


"Sure. Just show me where."

When he comes around the counter I grab his dick through his pants and dig my nails into it. He screams in a very high pitched way and falls back against the counter whimpering.

"You tell anyone and I'll kill you by tying you down cutting off your dick and i'll put it into a blender right in front of you. After it's blended i'll make you drink it. Then i'll leave you there to bleed out."

I tighten my grip and he squeaks.

"Got it?"

He nods and I quickly pull my hand away. I slap the side off his face. "good boy."

The girl cashier is laughing. As I leave I look at her. "You may want to get him some ice."

I make it back to Jake's house and run upstairs. He's still curled around the blanket. He looks so cute. I pull my phone out and take a picture setting it as my back round.

I leave the room again after dropping my purse on the bed and go into the bathroom down the hall.

I turn on the light and lock the door.

I surprisingly have to pee really bad. I take both the tests and set them on the sink both boxes say to wait five minutes. I set the timer on my phone and sit on the side of the bathtub and wait. My phone beeps and I get up slowly to look at the two sticks that will decide my future.

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