45. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Jake's pov              

I can't sleep. I look at the clock and see it flashing 12:36 mocking me. Maggie fell asleep two hours ago and now i'm left to lay here tracing my fingers over her naked body. Slightly sticky from sweat. First caused by me when we got home and i made love to her. Now it's just because it's excruciatingly hot in here. I kick the blankets completely off of both of us.

The heat has nothing to do with me not being able to sleep though. What if causing me to not be able to sleep is the conversation we had at dinner.

I had my hand on Maggie's thigh when her dad followed my arm under the table with his eyes I think about pulling my hand away when I remember that i've already gotten her pregnant Henry can get over it if he has a problem with me touching her leg during dinner.

Henry puts his fork down looking between me and Maggie. I wonder if he's going to say something about it.

"So now that Max is no longer next door that means you can come home now right?"

Maggie smiles. "Yeah it does."

Claire smiles. "Good it gets lonely when it's just Henry Andrew and me. We lost Jake too."

I smile down at Maggie and she smiles back. Of course if Maggie goes then i'm going with her but I wonder if there going to let me stay in her room i'm not sure I'll be able to sleep without her by my side. I also wonder how much alone time i'll get with her. Of course we get a lot of it at my house because my parents are always working but with Andrew and Jenna always around and her parents?

I suppose we can always go spend a few nights at my house. My parents will order me to come home for a few nights every once and a while anyways. Also my mothers parties of course i'll have to come home for those. But Maggie will come with me because were 'engaged'.

I get butterflies at the idea of me and Maggie actually being engaged.

"When are you coming home?" Henry asks.

Maggie looks over at me. I shrug. "Well we have to pack all of Maggie's clothes that she brought to my house so we could spend tonight there it'll be to late to pack when we get home. So first thing tomorrow we'll pack and i'll drive her home."

"You'll be coming to Jake?" Henry asks.

I nod my head looking at my plate. I squeeze Maggie's knee. "Yes."

So the problem wasn't really in the conversation but what my mind went across during that conversation. Well a few things.

1) The thought of me and Maggie not being able to sleep in the same bed.

2) Me and Maggie not having any alone time.

3) The thought of me and Maggie getting engaged.

The third problem of course was the largest.

Dannys pov (the police officer)

"You may want to take a look at these." He points to the wall he's looking at.

I walk over and look at the photos taped to the wall. What the?

"Who are they?" I ask.

"I don't know. maybe the mother does?"

All the pictures are of two people. A couple from the looks of it. I walk along the wall looking at each picture. The couple doesn't seem to know that there getting there photos taken. Some are farther away then others. It looks like most pictures were taken through glass. like a window.

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