52. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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August 5th.

My stomach is getting slightly bigger as the wedding comes closer. I groan sticking my stomach out in the mirror as far as it will go.

"Gross." I mumble.

Not only am i not going to fit in my wedding dress at this rate but when me and Jake are on the lovely beaches of Bermuda i'm going to look fat.

Yes were going to Bermuda for are honey moon. Jake's parents and my parents are going to rent us a beach home for a week. Then when we get back we have a little over a week to be prepared for school in September.

I wonder how big my stomach will be by that point. I shove my shirt down. I don't want to know.

I brush my hair and leave the bathroom. Things are going to be a little crazy for a while.

Today there is a party that everyone who graduated is going too. Were all going to get together and it's at this club that someone had there parents rent for us. It's sorta like a second prom you could say except that you don't have to buy a ticket and you don't wear anything fancy.

I went to prom of course and it sort of sucked I went with this guy that i really didn't like he was on the football team.


Music blares in the back round. John wraps his beefy arms around my waist while we dance and I nearly vomit when he breathes on me. He reeks of alcohol.

"You look pretty tonight." He slurs.

I crinkle my nose. "Thanks. you look nice too." I yell over the music.


I am not going to think about that night any more. long story short he stepped on my feet, spilled his snuck in alcohol on my dress, ditched me to go make out with some other girl, then came back over to me to try and make out with me, then when he drove me home i thought we were going to die.

So hopefully this night will be better. Seeing as i'm going with Jake.

Then the other reason why this week is going to be hectic is because on Wednesday me and Jake have to go to another one of Hannah's parties. It won't be as bad this time though seeing as were really engaged.

I walked into the bedroom looking through my closet. I feel a pair of arms go around my waist. "What are you doing?"

I shiver from the warm breathe on my neck. Then sigh when lips trail across my skin.

"Trying to find a dress that will hide my fat stomach."

Jake smiles into my neck. "Your not fat Mags there's barely even a bump."

"But there is one." I say shoving clothes out of my way examining a dress then deciding against it.

Jake sighs. "Mags your perfect."

I put turning to him. "You think so?"

"I know so."

I kiss him on the lips. He looks sexy as hell. White dress shirt dark jeans, converse and a fedora.


"Do you want me to pick something?" He asks me.


He walks around me and pulls out a pink dress.

"Here." I look at it.


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