44. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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My breathe catches and as I let it go I feel like a weights been lifted off my shoulders. I'm free I think.

"He's in a coma but there's good news for you and well bad news for him-"

"Max is in a coma?" I say cutting him off. "Is he going to wake up?"

Max did a lot of bad things to me and i'm not sure how i feel about him dieing.

"It's a 50/50 chance right now. If he does wake up we have enough evidence on him to put him in jail for a very long time."

I nod my head slowly then start to smile. Is it appropriate to smile when your talking about someone dieing or going to jail. I look over at Jake who is studying my face.

I put my hand on my stomach still smiling. "Jake I'm free! we're both free! We don't have to worry about Max hurting me or the baby."

Jake smiles standing up and pulling me with him to grab me in a bone crunching hug.          

Evas pov

I follow the doctor into a room and I see Max his chest is heavily bandaged. He looks fragile and pale. I walk over and move to touch his hand but at the last second I pull away and cover my mouth as I start to sob.

How could Max do this? I think back trying to think of any hints he gave me that he was doing this.

No he didn't the last conversation we had was about how he was doing about making new friends.

The officer had followed us into the room and he puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Do you want me to take you home now?"

I nod my head and let him lead me out.

Walking to the car and driving home is slightly a blur. I stare out the window not really seeing anything that we drive by. All I can see is Max on the hospital bed and me not being able to get myself to touch him.

Did i do something as a parent to make him do such bad things?

I hear the car shut off and the car door open. Next thing I know the police officer is over by my side of the car opening the door and helping me out.

He helps me into the house and sits me in the kitchen.

"Is there someone you want me to call?" He asks me.

I shake my head. I haven't made any friends yet the only people I know are the people at work.

He scrunches down in front of me. He looks me in the eyes and my eyes start to water ready to cry again. He takes my hand and my eyes flutter down to it and then back into his eyes. A few tears escaping.

"Hey don't cry."

Who is this guy? I thought cops were just supposed to do their job and leave.

"Don't tell me not to cry. My son is a rapist whose on the edge of death."

Saying that makes more tears escape he looks like he's at a loss of words so he grabs me in a hug.

Jakes pov

In the car with my dad I can't help but smile between my dad and Maggie.

We reach the house and she hops out of the car racing towards the house. I jump out and yell after her.

"Hey Mags? Where you going?"

"To call me mom!"

She runs into the house slamming the door.

I start to shake my head as my dad gets out of the car. Then my stomach drops as I think of something.

I look at the door where Maggie had just been. That means she'll be going home. My excitement of Max being out of are lives suddenly dies Maggie won't be by my side all the time anymore. She won't have anything to be afraid of. I walk into the house slowly and force my feet to bring me up the stairs.

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