10. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Well listen to yourself

There is a hemorrhage in your mouth

It won’t stop bleeding

Well, you may be the traitor

I will hold the smoking gun

You’ll get away clean

I’ll keep your secrets

Till the grave has swallowed me

And I will never tell a tortured soul

That are burning by my side

(Thick as thieves-dashboard confessional.)

Ugh i roll over and grab my phone.

"Herro?" I say with my eyes still closed.

"Hey sweetie i'm sorry did i wake you up?" I hear my moms voice on the other end.

"Mm ya."

"Sorry i figured you'd be awake by now it's almost noon."

I look over at my clock.

"Oh so it is." I say waking up a little.

"I just called to check up on you and your brother. is everything alright?"

I touch my sore cheek. "Ya every things great. hows your trip?"

"Oh it's just fabulous." I can hear the smile in her voice.

I get out of bed and stretch i look out the window and look away then i look back. is that a moving truck?

"Hey mom is someone moving into the house across the street?"

"Oh yes sweetie don't you know Margaret and Ben moved out about a month ago."

How did i miss this? "Oh no i didn't."

"Does that mean the new neighbors are there."

I look over and there's two cars in the driveway that are not moving trucks.

"I'm guessing there's two other cars over there."

"Oh well you have to bake them so cookies as a welcome to the neighborhood you know i usually do but i can't."

"Ya i'll make some cookies for them." I sigh.

"Good so hows Jake and Jenna?"

"Um well Jenna and Andrew are dating."

"Oh good for Jenna she has loved him for years."

"And well me and Jake are getting along."

"No way!"

Me and my mom are close shes close with all of us.

"Yes way." I say laughing.

"Oh hey your father wants to say hi."

"Ok. Bye mom."

"Bye sweetie i love you."

"Love you too."


"Hey dad."

When i get off the phone with them i take a shower and get dressed. A sundress pink flats and a pink flower for the side of my hair. Realizing that to cover up my bruise meant i'd have to cake on the makeup i just leave it alone. who cares?


I made the cookies and just as i was pulling them out of the oven Andrew comes downstairs. in just boxers his hair a mess.

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