41. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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Tonight we were going to tell both of our families about the baby. We had already called all of them and asked them to come and of course they all said yes though i was slightly hoping they would all say that they were busy.

Jake and I were currently on are way to cvs to buy some ice cream for dessert. Were around the corner when i ask Jake if he's sure he wants to go to cvs.

"Yeah. Why whats wrong with cvs?"

"Well I bought my pregnancy tests here." I quickly explain what happened yesterday.

Jake laughs. "Maggie you used to be so sweet and innocent i think i'm bringing out your bad side."

I smile. "Maybe."

"Don't worry though if we see this guy then i'll tell him to stay away from you alright?"


Jake parks the car and we hop out. He waits for me to get to his side of the car and then takes my hand.

Dinner is in an hour so i'm already dressed. In a pink dress and a light pink flower holding back one side of my hair and black heels.


Jake pulls me towards the ice cream and we get the same kind as last time. Chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie. We bring it up to the register and it just so happens to be the boy from yesterday.

When it's are turn Jake pulls me up to the register.

I poke him in the ribs and he looks at me confused I very carefully point to the boy to make sure only Jake sees. Jake gets it and looks at the boy and smiles. It's my turn to be confused now.

Jake puts and arm around me.

"I heard that you gave Maggie a hard time yesterday."

The boy looks up from the ice cream he was ringing in and swallows.

"Hey look man she already warned me i'm not going to tell anybody don't worry."

"Well you better not tell anybody because if i hear that it's getting around then i'm going to know exactly who to come after."

The boy nods. Jake looks at the total and throws money at him grabbing the bag of ice cream and pulls me outside.


I'm sitting at the table moving spaghetti around my plate with a fork when my dad looks up.

"You two said you wanted to tell us all something?"

Jake swallows and looks over at me. He takes my hand under the table and squeezes it.

"Well we were going to wait for dessert but I suppose we could tell you all now."

Everyone stops eating and is now looking at me and Jake.

Jenna, Andrew, My parents, Hannah and David.

I had put myself between Jake and Andrew on purpose I have no idea what Andrew is going to do when he finds out and I don't want Jake to be covered in bruises by the end of the night.

Jake stands up and drags me with him. I lean into him for support. Jake clears his throat trying to buy some time.

Everyone watches us waiting.

Jake wraps and arm around me looping it around to rest on my stomach. Every ones eyes follow Jake's hand.

"Well everyone... Maggie's.... pregnant."

Everyone stays frozen for a second and then very calmly my dad speaks.

"Are you sure?"

I nod my head. "I took two pregnancy tests and then we went to the doctor's office."

"Are you guys going to keep it?" Hannah asks.

"Yes." Jake says quickly.

"When did you find out?" Asks my mom.

"Yesterday." I answer.

"How far along are you?" David asks.

"two weeks." Jake answers.

All the parents seem calm and i don't dare look at Andrew. I can feel him stiff beside me. From the corner of my eye I watch Andrews body start to shake.

It all happened so fast i didn't even see it happen.

Andrew jumps out of his seat making the chair fall over making a huge crash and then he has Jake around the waist tackling him onto the ground.

"You stupid fucking son of a fucking bitch." Andrew screams.

Jake's arms are around me so when Andrew tackles him onto the ground I go with them but I slide across the room hitting the table making glasses fall and hit my head off of the ground. I feel something warm start oozing down the back of my head.

"Maggie!" Jake yells. that's the last thing I hear before there's darkness.


Jake's pov

"Maggie!" I yell. I turn my face to the side and see glass sticking out of her skin and blood gushing from her head. Her eyes are closed.

Andrews fists repeatedly hit my face and stomach and chest. He's over me swearing.

Hannah and Claire run over to Maggie at the same time David and Henry run over to pull Andrew off of me.

I don't even have time to think about fighting Andrew back all I can think about is helping Maggie.

As soon as he's off of me I crawl over to her and scoop her up in my arms being careful not to touch any of her wounds.

"Stay away from her you sick fuck!" Andrew yells behind me as Henry and my dad drag him out of the room.

I carry Maggie into the kitchen and lay her on the counter. Claire and Hannah following me.

We leave Jenna in the room looking around as she tries to figure out where to go to Andrew or to Maggie.

"Go help him calm down." I yell to Jenna.

Jenna cries as she nods her head and runs out of the room.

My mom runs to the bathroom to find a first aid kit and I pull off my shirt and put it against Maggie's head to put pressure on it. She's losing so much blood.

I only realize i'm crying when my vision gets to blurred to see her crumpled body.

"I got you Maggie don't worry." I tell her even though she's unconscious.

"Claire go call an ambulance." She nods and pulls out her cell phone.

My mom runs back in and opens the first aid kit.

"Should we try and get the glass out now or wait?" She says frantically.

"The ambulance will be here in five minutes." Claire says after she hangs up the phone.

The five minutes is excruciatingly painful as Maggie loses more and more blood my white shirt turning a completely red.

When the ambulance gets here they put her on a stretcher.

"Be careful." I yell as they touch her fragil body.

They let me ride in the ambulance with her and I hold her hand. I watch as they start to hook Maggie up to all these wires. We get to the hospital and I run next to her as they bring her to a room.

When one of them tries to steer me away to take care of my cuts and bruises from Andrew I shoo them away but eventually they drag me away saying that i can't go in with Maggie anyways.

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