6. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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I walk by Jenna and Andrew and they kiss goodbye and Jenna runs to my side. "You guys are so bad i've already heard what happened jeezum there still going to be talking about this at our 50th reunion." I laugh. who ever would have guessed that the best senior prank of the year was going to be pulled by me and Jake?

i walk into my first class and everyone stares. it's another half day and we only have about 20 minutes of every class. i sit down and act normal i pull out my notebook and write lyrics putting little music notes all around it. All of a sudden hands are covering my eyes.

"Guess who." Someone whispers into my ear there breath on my neck makes me shiver.

I touch the hands with my own.


"Wow how'd you guess?" Jake asks looking disappointed.

"What are you doing here?" this wasn't his class.

"Last day of school no ones going to care." He says sitting next to me. He puts his hands on my hips and pulls me into his lap. i'm just about to push him away and ask him what the hell does he think he's doing when i realized all the eyes on us.

"I'm glad your here." I nuzzle into his neck.

"Me too." He says into my hair.

even the teacher is staring at us confused.


"Whats your next class Mags?" Jake asks me as i stand up.

"I have science."

"Ok then lets go."

He wraps a arm around my waist and drags me out of the class.

for the rest of the day Jake went to all of my classes with me we cuddled and said mean things to each other and other times acted like a real couple. as we left the school i got really sad. All the way to my car i was quiet Jake still had a arm around my waist and i rested a tiny bit on him for support when we got to my car he pushed me against it.

"Hey mags whats wrong?" He asks putting both hands on my face.

"I just it's are last day of high school Jake... it's all over." I say and my eyes tear up.

"Oh Maggie." Jake pulls me into him and hugs me.

people were watching us they did all day you would think that they would get over it after a couple hours but nope.

Jake tips my face up to make me look at him. He leans down really close and are lips are inches away. Someone literally walked into a car because they were watching us. I breathe a small giggle.

Both my hands are on Jake's chest and he has both hands on my face.

Jake breathes onto my lips in a whisper. "I won't kiss you stay still." I stare into his blue eyes and then at his lips which are making mine tingle because there so close.

He grazes my skin right next to my lips with his. he puts both hands in my hair and puts it in a way that it hides a majority of my face so you can't actually tell were not kissing. I feel his breathe on my check and it tickles my lips. I close my eyes to make it look more real wrapping my arms around his neck. For less then a millisecond i feel sad that he didn't really kiss me and then i realize that it's Jake and i pull away. I hate him. I look down so i'm not looking him in the eyes. Everyone looks like they've just seen a UFO or something.

"We should go." I say. I turn to my door and unlock it getting in and leaning over to unlock Jake's door. He hops in and as we drive away we both watch everyone stare at my car, through the mirrors.

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