43. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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I woke up and stretched. Jake's arms encircled around me. His body warm beside me. I was thinking about waking him up when someone opened the door. I pulled the sheets up to cover myself and looked over to see who had entered.

"Maggie, Jake? Are you guys awake yet?" David asks then he spots us Jake asleep his naked back showing and me a completely shocked look on my face trying to cover myself with a sheet. "Maybe i'll come back later."

Jake decides to wake up right then and he opens his eyes staring at me and then smiles. His arms tighten around me.

"Morning Mags." He mumbles sleepily he pulls me into a kiss and i'm to shocked to even attempt to pull away as David watches amused from the door.

Jake immediately starts to get into it and grabs my waist pulling me closer to him when David clears his throat. Jake snaps his head in Davids direction and his face turns bright red.

"Oh dad. Whats up?"

I bury my face in Jake's neck incapable of looking at David from being embarrassed so much.

"I just wanted to make sure Maggie was alright because i didn't get a chance to see her after she got home yesterday."

Jake nods and clears his throat. "Uh yeah she's fine."

I can hear Davids smile in his voice as he answers. "Yeah I can see that. Well i'll just let you too do what you usually do in the morning."

Kill me.

"Uh Yeah thanks dad."

I hear the door close and then Jake flops back onto the bed face down in the pillow.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He mumbles horrified into the pillow.

"You didn't give me a chance too before you started kissing me."

Jake looks up at me. "It's totally obvious were both naked I really need to remember to lock my door."

I smile at him. "Well enough about that. You heard what he said he's leaving us to do what we normally do in the morning."

Jake grins and grabs me around the waist. "I'm not sure i'm in the mood anymore."

"Well we can change that." I say kissing him.

Evas pov (maxs mom)

I stretch in the kitchen as I find what i want to eat this morning. My tank top rising and exposing my tummy. I pull it back down so it meets the top of my jeans. I pull out eggs and turn on the burner. After i put a pan on it I go up the stairs to Max's room to see if he's up yet.

I knock on the door. "Max?"

There's no answer. I realize that I haven't actually seen Max's room yet. We've been here for almost a month and I havn't seen what he's done with it. I open up the door expecting to see Max still asleep but his bed is empty.

That's odd he didn't ask to go anywhere last night. Oh well he must have forgotten. Curious about his room I open the door all the way and go in.

A normal teenage boys room. Beds messy clothes strewn across the room. I see pictures on the wall across the room curious I step in more when i hear the phone ring.

I step out closing the door behind me I run down the stairs and stop in the kitchen to turn off the burner. I run to the phone answering it.


"Is this Eva Smith?"

"Yes it is." I answer expecting it to be a bill collector.

"This is the hospital-" My heart stops. Max. "Your son was brought in last night with a stab wound."

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