12. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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"Come on inside Maggie." He squeezes my upper arm in a way that i'm pretty sure is going to bruise. He drags me up the steps of his house and as he unlocks the door i start to scream. He grabs my hair and yanks me too his body. "You don't want to scream Maggie." He whispers fiercely in my ear. He throws me into the house and i land on the floor. I try to crawl away but he slams the door shut, i can't see anything, he grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls me back. I grab his my head and scream.

"You know Maggie i was going to play with you for awhile and date you for a few weeks." He knocks me onto my back and pins me down shoving my legs apart. "But then Jake threatened me." He laughs. "Said if i touched you in a way you didn't like he'd kill me."

He starts to yank up my dress and i fight to get away. "Stop please!" I cry.

"I don't like being threatened Maggie." I kick my legs and try to get my arms free.

"Maggie stop squirming baby and you'll enjoy it too."

"Please stop." I try again.

He leans down and slammed his lips to mine i bite his lip until i tasted blood.

"You bitch." Max yells pulling away he slaps me across the face My bruise is on fire.

"Stop." My eyes tear up.

Max yanks down my underwear and shoved in his fingers. i cry out in pain.

"Oh Maggie your a virgin?" He starts to laugh again. "Jake made it sound like you'd had sex with him. What a liar. He's so jealous of me getting to take you on a date."

I start to cry as Max's fingers explore in between my legs.

"Your so much fun Maggie." He chuckles. "And a virgin." He starts running his hands up and down my stomach and chest. "oh don't worry Maggie i'm not going to rape you today." He leans his face down to mine close enough that i can feel his breathe on my lips i turn my head the other way and he presses his lip to my ear and whispers. "Another day i will though."

He rips open the top of my dress and fondles my chest. I start to sob.

"You tell the cops and i'll make you seem crazy. I want you to go home and cry to Jake but if he comes for me i'll kill him." I don't say anything i can't because i'm crying so hard. "I'll come for you Maggie maybe tommorow and maybe next month but i'll come for you." He puickly kisses my lips in a bruising way leaving his blood. "Oh and this is for Jake personally a little somthing for you both to remember me by."

He pulls out a pocket knife and flicks it open with his thumb. He cuts a deep line into the inside of my thigh and blood runs down my leg.

"Now go home to Jake." He gets off of me and i run for the door when i'm about to step outside he kicks me in the back and i go flying into the pavement. "Goodnight Maggie i had alot of fun." He slams the door shut. I stand up and holding my dress to my body i run across the street and into my house sobbing.

"How was your date?" Jake yells from the living room.

"JAKE." I yell through sobs. I hear his footsteps running into the hallway. As soon as he sees me he pauses for a millisecond. I let out chest heaving sobs and he closes the gap between us taking me into his arms.

"Oh Mags what did he do to you? what happened?"

I bury my face into his chest and cry harder if that's even possible. His arms tighten around me and he picks me up bridal style i wrap my arms around his neck as he takes me upstairs into my room. He sits me on the edge of my bed and pulls off my heels. Then he sits on the bed next to me and pulls me back into his arms. For a long time Jake just holds me until finally i run out of tears. He runs his fingers through my hair pulling out the headband. When i've calmed down i realize that i feel safe in Jake's arms. After another ten minutes Jake finally speaks.

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