5. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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the way to school was... well i'm not sure.

we hop into the car and i buckle my seat belt. i start the car and wait.

"What are you waiting for?" Jake asks after a minute or two.

"For you to put on your seat belt." I say.

"Ugh alright." I watch as he puts it on.

"Good." I pull out of the driveway. "You don't usually wear a seat belt?"

"Hell no i like to live on the edge."

I look at him unamused.

"sooo..." He says trying to change the subject. "Tomorrow's the big day huh?"

"Jake you better wear your seat belt." I say glaring at him. "And yes tomorrow is the day it's not really a big day."

Jake laughs. "Oh really and what do you consider a big day?"

"Um well you know graduation, birthdays, weddings."

"Every days a big day for me." He says putting a hand on the back of my seat you know the way that guys do.

"Whats that supposed to mean?"

"Well something new happens everyday right? something interesting. people are born and people die everyday. everyday is a big day."

"Then why would you point out that tomorrow's a big day when 'everyday' is a big day?"

"Because it's a big day for you."

"No it isn't."

"But darling that's when we get to announce are engagement that's big."

"Wait! announce? as in we have to stand up in front of all those people and tell them were engaged."

"Yes Mags." He says sighing.

"Jake you keep forgetting to tell me major parts of this."

"I tell you almost just as fast as i find out." He says looking out the window.

I pull into the parking lot. park my car and me and Jake climb out. People stare at us. Jake and Maggie in the same car? it's weird for all of us i think in my head. people stare as i lean towards Jake over the hood.

"Oh muffin?" I say making mouths drop open.

I can tell Jake's trying to not laugh. "Yes baby?"

"I'll see you later." i smile and start to walk away and he grabs my wrist and pulls me into him. every ones mouths are touching the ground.

"Oh Jake." I sigh. "I hate you so much."

Jake Smiles really big. "I hate you too." We let go of each other and walk separate ways to our lockers. everyone stares after us completely confused. I can hear the rumors already spreading. who cares it's the last day of school i'll never see most of these people ever again.

Me and Jake were never nice to each other in school he tripped me and made me drop my books so i tripped him and made him drop his lunch to get me back he tripped me and made me drop my lunch on the head cheerleader who still gives me dirty looks. it was spaghetti day. to get him back while he was talking to a girl he was hitting on leaning into her as i walked by i said "Hey Jake Andrew told me about the Herpes that's awful." The girl ran away so fast. everyone else in the hallway heard too. and he got me back and its just a big never ending chain of revenge so you can understand every ones shock to see what happened today.

I go to my locker and put in the combination for the last time ever. I pull out the last of the things in there and put them into my purse not bothering to bring a backpack today. everything in here was relatively small. Jenna walks up her smile way to big to it sorta looks creepy.

"So i totally heard what you and Jake did this morning that's classic. Every ones freaking out and there all wicked confused." she says laughing i laugh too. "Are you guys going to keep this up all day leave everyone something to talk about all summer?"

"Mmm." i think about this and pull out my phone to text Jake. "This could be fun."

"Oh trust me it already is." Jenna answers.

message to Jake

from Maggie.

So Jenna gave me a great idea lets leave them really befuddled lets keep this game up all day.

message to Maggie

from Jake

:D stay at your locker i'll be right there.

message to Jake

from Maggie

i'll be here.

I stand and talk to Jenna for a minute of nothing really important just to seem busy. then i feel hands go around my waist. Jenna smiles and walks away to go find Andrew. Jake moves my hair from my neck and nuzzles making it look like he's kissing me. i tilt my head to the side as if to give him more room. i can feel all eyes on us just about the whole hallway is silent except for a few whispers.

"Mmm Jake." I whisper i turn in his arms so that i'm facing him and wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his arms tighter around my waist and pushes me into the locker.

people have completely stopped what there doing and are just watching us now.

"Mmm Maggie."

I'm fighting to keep from laughing.

Jake leans his forehead on mine. "I had a great time last night."

"Me too. I love those freckles of yours."

Everyone looks completely shocked.

"You do?" He seems truly curious.

"Ya it's too bad you know."

"What is Mags." He says into my neck.

"That i hate you."

He laughs. "I hate you with all my heart." he rubs his noise on mine.

Once again everyone faces turn from shock to confusion.

I run a hand down his chest. "I'll see you later at my house?"

"Ya. your giving me a ride there right."

"Of course i'll give you a ride Jake." I smile in a very seductive way.


"Whoops there's the bell Mags."

Everyone starts to move slowly to class still watching us trying to figure out whats going on.

"I hate you Jake."

"I hate you too." He moves as if to peck my forehead he gets close enough to look like he did but he doesn't really. we both walk away again like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

I walk by Jenna and Andrew and they kiss goodbye and Jenna runs to my side. "You guys are so bad i've already heard what happened jeezum there still going to be talking about this at our 50th reunion." I laugh. who ever would have guessed that the best senior prank of the year was going to be pulled by me and Jake? 

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