21. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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I wake up and i feel sheets and skin. I open my eyes and Jake is still asleep his arms wrapped around me. I snuggle closer and stop when i realize that i get the sensation of skin against skin when i press myself against his chest. I look down at my body and realize that i'm completely naked.

Did we have sex last night!? Then it comes back to me the pool and Jake getting me warm again. I wrap the blankets more around my body and realize that the towel i had used last night was hanging halfway off the bed. It must have come off. But why hadn't he put me in actual clothes.

My eyes widen. Is he still naked too? I brush my thigh against his and feel fabric. Good he's in his boxers. I start to slowly remove his arms from my body so that i can get dressed before he wakes up. I get one arm off when the door opens. I look over at the door horrified.

"Maggie? are you naked?"

I look over at Andrew hugging the blanket to my body.

"No." I say.

Andrew crosses his arms looking unamused. "Then come give me a hug."

"It's not what it looks like."

"I'm listening. I doubt your excuse is as good as last times."

"Well me and Jake were playing truth or dare and..." I trail off I can't tell him i went skinny dipping with Jake.

Just then Jake's arms tighten around me pulling me too him.

"I'm sure Jake will tell me." Andrew says he walks over and slaps Jake in the back of the head.

Jake buries his head in my neck. "Ow." He moans. I wrap the blanket around my body again.

Jake looks up and sees Andrew. "Oh hey man." Then he remembers how he woke up. "Was it really necessary to slap me.

"Why is are you and my sister naked together in a bed."

Jake looks over at me and i pull the blanket towards my body again. he unwraps his arms from my body and sits up.

"Hey dude please cover up if your going to stand up."

"I'm wearing boxers." Jake stands up and i sit up wrapping all of the blanket around my body.

"Well." Andrew says annoyed.

"Well what?" Jake says putting on a pair of jeans.

"Well why is my sister naked in your bed."

"Calm down Andrew we didn't have sex."

"Maggie said that too but that still doesn't tell me why she's naked."

"We were playing truth or dare she dared me to go skinny dipping so i double dog dared her to go skinny dipping-"

Jake gets cut off by Andrew. "You went skinny dipping with my sister?!"

Jake smiles looking over at me. "Yup." He says popping the p. I give him a 'real mature' look.

"So why is she still not dressed?" Andrew asks.

"The water was to cold for her she was shivering violently her teeth chattering and her lips blue so when we came inside i wrapped her in a blanket to try and warm her up."

"In just a blanket?" Andrew asks.

"Well not just a blanket." Jake says.

"Was there anything between your naked body and hers?"

"Towels." I said.

Andrew looks at me. "So it took all night to warm you up?"

"No i fell asleep my body was exhausted from all the shaking."

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